VH-ARQ. Short S-25 Sunderland Mk III. c/n SB.3552.


Built by Short Bros at Rochester, Kent as a Sunderland Mk III - October 1943

Delivered to the Royal Air Force at Wig Bay, Scotland as ML730 - October 18, 1943

Transferred to the Royal Australian Air Force and prepared at Mount Batten for delivery to Australia

Departed Mount Batten - January 27, 1944

Delivery route: Gibralter - West Africa - Brasil - Caribbean - San Francisco - Honolulu - Pacific Islands - Sydney

Received by Qantas at Sydney (Rose Bay) for overhaul prior to entering service - March 15, 1944

Entered onto the Australian Military Aircraft Register as A26-1

It used the radio callsign 'VHCOA' whilst in service

Ferried to No 2 F.B.R.D. at Newcastle (Rathmines) - May 07, 1944

Delivered to 40 Squadron R.A.A.F. at Townsville - August 24, 1944

Stuck by Sunderland A26-5 at Port Morseby, suffering damage to starboard outer engine - August 29, 1944

Repaired and returned to service

Requisitioned by the Air Board for advertising War Loans - April 1945

The publicity tour last over 1 month with the aircraft flown by Battle of Britian pilots who had transferred to 40 Sqn

Ferried to No 2 F.B.R.D. at Rathmines - December 12, 1945

Withdrawn from service and stored at Newcastle (Rathmines) - March 14, 1946

Advertised for sale - June 12, 1946

Sold to B.W. Monkton - October 04, 1946

The registration 'VH-ARQ' was allocated but it was not taken up - October 04, 1946

The registration 'VH-BKO' was allocated but it was not taken up - February 24, 1947

Ferried Newcastle (Rathmines) - Sydney (Rose Bay) using the call-sign 'VHCKR' - April 28, 1947

This aircraft did not enter service and was used for spare parts

The remains were sold for scrap and broken up at Sydney (Rose Bay) - 1953