About AussieAirliners


The basic tenet or philosophy behind this website is to bring together in one location, the history of Australia's commercial airline activity by recording the individual histories of the airliners used by the airlines over the years. The advent of the internet enables me to present this information to a wider audience.

This website is the culmination of taking and collecting photographs and slides over the last 50 years, and the sharing of material between a group of dedicated Australian photographers and historians who share a similar belief that our aviation heritage must be preserved for future generations. While I have specialise in photographing airliners in Australia, I have attempted to follow their movements after leaving Australian service. This has not always been possible.

The historical information pertaining to individual airframes has been obtained from a variety of sources. I have endeavoured to bring together these sources with the accompanying images, for the enjoyment of all. Although all due care has been taken in compiling this information, some data may be incorrect or incomplete. If you are able to provide additional information, images or advise on omissions your contribution would be most welcome.

Many people have contributed to this site by supplying information or images related to the history of the airframes featured. I would publicly like to thank the following for their contributions:

Eric Allen, Tony Arbon, Maurice Austin, Graham Bennett, Rod Brown, George Canciani, Barrie Colledge, David Daw, Nigel Daw, Marcel Drescher, Hans Groen, Eric Favelle, Rob Finlayson, Paul Finnigan, Alan Fraser, John Goldfinch, Jacques Guillem, Tony Haynes, John Hopton, Seth Jaworski, Peter Lea, Gavin Louis, Greg Hyde, Neil Louis, Mark Lynam, Ian Mackenzie, Ian Malcolm, Scott Morgan, Fred Niven, Qantas Heritage Collection, Gordon Reid, Paul Sheehan, Robbie Shaw, Henry Tenby, Phil Vabre, Russ Waller, Gil White, Geoff Wilkes, Lindsay Wise, Greg Wood, the ADF Serials Website & Australian Aviation.

Without the pooling of resources or having access to an individual's knowledge or historical documentation, this site would not have been possible.

Photographs from this website are regularly supplied to historians and writers for use in books and magazines, as well as to model makers. Photos of some of the Australian operated aircraft are rare - and are not readily available elsewhere!

The images depicted on this website are covered by Copyright. Downloading images from this website is illegal. I have watermarked the images because of the continual illegal downloading of said images by people who have no respect for this intelectual property and its correct useage.

If you are seriously interested in obtaining a digital image for your collection then you are required to contact me directly so that your request can be discussed. However it must be stated quite clearly that not all images depicted on this website may be acquired as digital scans.

All images appearing in this website are either the property of the 'webmaster' or have been supplied and / or sold to the webmaster without encumbrances. The webmaster can accept no responsibility for any image appearing on this website that has be fraudulently supplied to him, whether it be 'in good faith' or by calculated deceit.

The prices charged for the acquisition of said digital scans is based on what other people are charging for similar products. This is not a commercial business. I can no longer supply prints from the digital images. If you require a photographic print then I can supply you with a high quality digital scan from which you can then print from yourself. This limited service is provided to serious print collectors, aviation writers and historians who are looking for other sources for their photographs and images.

The images contained in this website are in a low resolution format only. They are provided to enable the viewer to gain an understanding of the history of the airframe featured. We hope you enjoy your visitation and that you will recommend this site to your friends.

Bob Smith - Webmaster.