VH-RXE. SAAB 340B. c/n 275.


Built by Saab Aircraft AB, Linkoping, Sweden - 1991

First flown with test registration SE-G75 - October 31, 1991

Entered onto the U. S. Aircraft Register as N356BE - December 10, 1991

Registered to Lambert Leasing Inc, U. S. A.

Leased to Business Express, New York as the registered operator - December 11, 1991

Registered to First Security Bank of Utah, U. S. A. - December 30, 1991

Lease to Business Express as the registered operator was continued

Business Express was renamed Business Express Airlines - May 22, 1997

Registered to Saab Aircraft of America Inc, U. S. A. - April 21, 2001

Sold to Fairbrook Leasing Inc, U. S. A. - December 06, 2001

Reregistered as N275CJ - December 06, 2001

Registered to Wells Fargo Bank Torthwest Trustee, U. S. A.

The intended lease to Colgan Airways was not taken up

Observed stored at Bangor (Maine) - December 08, 2001

Observed stored at Bangor (Maine) - April 11, 2002

Ferried Bangor (Maine) - Nashville (Tennessee) for storage and observed at Nashville - April 09, 2003

Observed at Nashville in ful REX Regional Express Airlines livery as N275CJ - July 27, 2003

Departed Nashville (Tennessee) on ferry flight to Australia - September 23, 2003

Arrived Wagga Wagga at conclusion of ferry flight - September 29, 2003

Ferry route: ?

Cancelled from the U. S. Aircraft Register - December 12, 2003

Entered onto the Australian Aircraft Register as VH-RXE - December 24, 2003

Registered to Australiawide Airlines, Wagga Wagga t/a REX Regional Express Airlines

Leased to Regional Express Holdings Limited t/a REX Regional Express Airlines as the registered operator

Configured to seat 36 passengers

Operated first revenue service ? - February 03, 2004

Registered to Regional Express Holdings Limited, Mascot, Sydney - August 30, 2008

Current with REX Regional Express Airlines