VH-KDP. SAAB 340A. c/n 052.


Built by Saab Aircraft AB, Linkoping, Sweden - 1986

First flown with test registration SE-E52 - March 21, 1986

Originally allocated the Australia registration 'VH-KDI' but it was not taken up

Entered onto the Australian Aircraft Register as VH-KDP - April 30, 1986

Registered to Kendell Airlines (Australia) Pty Ltd, Wagga Wagga, Australia

Departed Linkoping on delivery flight to Australia - May 01, 1986

Arrived Wagga Wagga at conclusion of delivery flight - May 06, 1986

Aircraft was named 'City of Broken Hill'

Operated first revenue service - May 16, 1986

Kendell Airlines had been purchased by TNT / News Ltd, the parent company of Ansett Airlines - June 1990

Was the first Kendell Saab to acquire the Ansett 'Flag' or 'Union Jack' livery - April 1994

Aircraft repainting was carried out by VH Aviation at Albury Airport

Ansett suspended all operations due to bankruptcy - September 13, 2001

Operated last revenue service Port Lincoln - Adelaide as AN5445 - September 13, 2001

Withdrawn from service and stored at Adelaide Airport

Returned to service under administration Adelaide - Port Lincoln as AN8592 - October 03, 2001

Kendell Airlines sold to Australiawide Airlines operating as Regional Express Airlines (REX) - August 01, 2002

Operated first revenue service with Regional Express Airlines (REX) - August 05, 2002

Registered to Australiawide Airlines Ltd t/a Regional Express Airlines - September 19, 2002

Operated final revenue service Sydney - Wagga Wagga as ZL304 - February 08, 2003

Aircraft was then overhauled (C-check) at Wagga Wagga

Ferried Wagga Wagga - Albury for repainting into all-white livery - April 22, 2003

Prepared for return to Saab and observed stored at Wagga Wagga - July 2003

Registered to Hawker Pacific Pty Ltd, Bankstown, N.S.W. - August 14, 2003

Observed parked beside the Hawker Pacific hangar at Townsville - 2004

Sold to Saab Aircraft Leasing - May 2005

Departed Townsville on ferry flight to Linkoping (Sweden) - June 05, 2005

Cancelled from the Australian Aircraft Register - June 09, 2005

Converted to freighter configuration at Linkoping - July / August 2005

Lease / sold to RAF Avia, Riga, Latvia

Entered onto the Latvian Aircraft Register as YL-RAG - September 2005

Rolled out at Linkoping in full RAF Avia livery - September 19, 2005

Current with RAF Avia