VH-EAN. Lockheed 1049H-82 Constellation. c/n 4803.

Was also registered as: N7777C.


This aircraft was built as a Lockheed 1049H-82-133 for the Qantas Airways order

First flown - November 08, 1956

Entered onto the Australian Aircraft Register as VH-EAN - November 12, 1956

Registered to Qantas Empire Airways Ltd, Sydney

The export C. of A. (E-28720) issued - November 12, 1956

It was accepted by Qantas Airways at Burbank - November 15, 1956

The aircraft was named 'Southern Tide'

Departed Burbank on the delivery flight to Australia - November 18, 1956

It arrived at Sydney (Kingsford Smith) on completion of the delivery flight - November 20, 1956

Delivery route: Burbank - Honolulu - Nadi - Sydney

Total flight time for the delivery flight: 29 hours 9 minutes

Operated its first revenue service Sydney (Kingsford Smith) - Singapore - December 01, 1956

It was damaged at Biak whilst unloading an engine for a stranded KLM Constellation - December 07, 1956

The aircraft tipped backwards onto its tail damaging the rudders - repaired and returned to service

Withdrawn from service for fitment of weather radar - January 28, 1957

Returned to service - March 02, 1957

Withdrawn from service to be stripped of passenger fittings for freighter operations - October 28, 1959

Operated its first freighter revenue service Sydney (Kingsford Smith) - London (Heathrow) - November 03, 1959

Departed Sydney (Kingsford Smith) on its final freight service - October 25, 1961

Route: Sydney (Kingsford Smith) - London (Heathrow) - Sydney (Kingsford Smith)

Withdrawn from service for overhaul prior to its sale

During overhaul port main landing gear retracted with the wing jack piercing Number 1 fuel tank - November 28, 1961

Test flown at Sydney (Kingsford Smith) following the overhaul and repairs - July 08, 1962

Sold to Lockheed Aircraft Corporation - 1962

Departed Sydney (Kingsford Smith) on the ferry flight to Ontario, California (Capt J. M. Hampshire) - July 11, 1962

It arrived at Ontario on completion of the ferry flight - July 13, 1962

Cancelled from the Australian Aircraft Register - July 24, 1962

The aircraft had flown 13,320 hours

Entered onto the United States Aircraft Register as N7777C - July 1962

Stored at Burbank, California for conversion to Lockheed 1049H-04

It was observed stored at Burbank - July 1963

Leased to Alaska Airlines - May 19, 1964

Registered to International Aerodyne Inc - December 31, 1964

Leased to Alaska Airlines as the registered operator

The aircraft was damaged beyond repair whilst landing at Kotzebue, Alaska - April 17, 1967

The undercarriage had failed to extent correctly and it subsequently collapsed on landing

Deemed to be too expensive to repair it was used as asource for spare parts

Observed at Kotzebue essentially complete with wings and tail on a mound of earth - 1978

Still in Alaska Airlines livery and used as a bar with 'The Flying Martini In' titles

Broken up at Kotzebur - September 1980