VH-EAE. Lockheed 749-79 Constellation. c/n 2505.

Was also registered as: VT-CQR; G-ANTG; N1552V.


This aircraft was originally ordered as a Lockheed L-649-79-21 for T.W.A. but it was not taken up

Construction completed as a Lockheed L-749-79-35 for Air India - 1947

Accepted by Air India at Burbank - February 13, 1948

Entered onto the Indian Aircraft Register as VT-CQR - February 17, 1948

It arrived at Bombay on completion of the delivery flight - March 26, 1948

The aircraft was named 'Rajput Princess'

Operated its first Air India revenue service - June 22, 1948

Sold to Qantas Empire Airways Ltd - December 30, 1949

Departed Bombay on the ferry flight to Australia - January 11, 1950

It arrived at Sydney (Kingsford Smith) on comopletion of the delivery flight (Capt. R. J. Ritchie) - January 17, 1950

Entered onto the Australian Aircraft Register as VH-EAE - January 18, 1950

Registered to Qantas Empire Airways Ltd, Sydney

The aircraft was named 'Bert Hinkler'

Operated its first Qantas revenue service - April 07, 1950

Withdrawn from service in Sydney for repainting into white top red c/line livery - June 26, 1951

Returned to service after repainting - June 30, 1951

Withdrawn from service for conversion to L-749A-79 standard - September 01, 1951

Returned to service - October 22, 1951

Used as a reserve aircraft for the 'Royal Tour' of Australia - March 08 - 27, 1954

Departed on its final revenue service Sydney - London - Sydney (Capt. R. U. Uren) - August 07, 1954

Sold to British Overseas Airways Corporation - August 15, 1954

The arcraft had flown 11,718 hours to date

Departed Sydney (Kingsford Smith) on the ferry flight to England - August 18, 1954

It arrived London (Heathrow) on completion of the ferry flight - August 20, 1954

Cancelled from the Australian Aircraft Register - August 23, 1954

Entered onto the British Aircraft Register as G-ANTG (CofR G-ANTG/R1) - September 10, 1954

Registered to British Overseas Airways Corporation Ltd, London

The aircraft was named 'Bournemouth'

Operated its first B.O.A.C. revenue service - November 22, 1954

Operated its first B.O.A.C. service to Sydney - November 26, 1954

Had the distinction of operating the last B.O.A.C. Constellation passenger service - October 07, 1958

Sold to Pacific Northern Airlines

Departed London (Heathrow) on the ferry flight to the United States - November 30, 1958

Cancelled from the British Aircraft Register - December 02, 1958

Entered onto the United States Aircraft Register as N1552V - ?

Ownership transferred to Western Airlines - July 01, 1967

Operated the last scheduled Constellation passenger flight in North America - November 26, 1968

Route flown: Juneau - Anchorage

Withdrawn from service and donated to the City of Kenai, Alaska - November 27, 1968

The aircraft had flown a total of 40,568 hours

In 1973 the aircraft was sold to a private individual who intended to convert the aircraft to a restaurant

It was towed to a nearby parking lot but the project was abandoned

Aircraft was subsequently broken up on site



VH-EAE. Qantas - 'Bert Hinkler' in the standard livery at Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport, July 1951.

L to R: Qantas Engineers F. Hendry and J. Coop prepare to remove the prop cuffs.

(Qantas Heritage Collection Copyright Image 1802-100.)

VH-EAE. Qantas - 'Bert Hinkler' in the standard livery with additional 'Coronation Service' titles at Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport, circa 1953.

(Qantas Heritage Collection Copyright Image 1802-101.)