G-ALAN. Lockheed 749-79 Constellation. c/n 2555.

Was also registered as: EI-ADD; N1554V.


This aircraft was built as a Lockheed 649-84-12 for Eastern Airlines but it was not taken up

Construction completed as a Lockheed 749-79-32 for Aerlinte Eireann, Ireland

First flown - 1947

Accepted by Aerlinte Eireaan at Burbank - September 29, 1947

Aircraft was named 'St. Kevin'

Export Certificate of Airworthiness (E-13438) issued - September 29, 1947

Departed Burbank on the delivery flight to Ireland via New York (La Guardia) - October 05, 1947

Entered onto the Irish Aircraft Register as EI-ADD - October 08, 1947

Registered to Aerlinte Eireann, Dublin

Aerlinte Eireann was formed by Aer Lingus to operate Trans Atlantic flights

It arrived at Shannon on completion of the delivery flight - October 09, 1947

Operated its first revenue service with Aerlinte Eireann - November 1947

Withdrawn from use and stored at Shannon Airport - February 1948

Sold to British Overseas Airways Corporation, London - June 15, 1948

Cancelled from the Irish Aircraft Register - June 22, 1948

Entered onto the British Aircraft Register as G-ALAN (CofR R2487/1) - June 22, 1948

Registered to British Overseas Airways Corporation, London

The aircraft was named 'Beaufort'

Certificate of Airworthiness (CofA V352) issued - June 30, 1948

Leased to Qantas Empire Airways Limited, Sydney - July 28, 1948

It arrived at Sydney (Kingsford Smith) on completion of the ferry flight - August 03, 1948

Withdrawn from Qantas service and returned to BOAC at London (Heathrow) - April 24, 1950

Operated its first BOAC revenue service - May 29, 1950

Certificate of Airworthiness (CofA A2487) issued - January 03, 1951

Participated in the Air Display at Whitchurch, Bristol - July 14, 1951

It was converted to seat 60 passengers in all-tourist class configuration

Conversion to a Lockheed 749A standard commenced - December 1955

Conversion to Lockheed 749A standard completed - February 1956

Operated the final BOAC Hong Kong - Singapore - London Constellation service - September 13 - 15, 1957

Withdrawn from service and stored at London (Heathrow) - February 1958

Transferred to the BOAC Lockheed Constellation disposal pool at London (Heathrow) - March 1958

The aircraft was returned to service - ?

Certificate of Airworthiness (CofA) issued - June 11, 1958

This aircraft was one of the last three Lockheed 749As operated by BOAC

Withdrawn from service and placed in open storage at London (Heathrow) - October 12, 1958

Sold to The Babb Company, United States - March 13, 1959

Ferried London (Heathrow) - New Jersey (Newark) - March 18, 1959

Cancelled from the British Aircraft Register - March 20, 1959

Entered onto the United States Aircraft Register as N1554V - March 20, 1959

Registered to Pacific Northern Airlines, Seattle, USA

Aircraft was destoyed when it crashed into the sheer face of Mt Gilbert, Alaska - June 14, 1960

The crash occured at 04:47 hours at the 9,000 foot level on the mountain

The aircraft was flying the second leg of the Seattle - Cordova - Anchorage service

All occupants were killed in the crash (5 crew members and 9 passengers)

It was determined that this accident was the result of the aircraft being 28 nm to the right of its intended track

Surprisingly the United States Defence Radar who were tracking this flight failed to notify either the crew

or Air Traffic Control that the aircraft was proceeding on a dangerous course

It had flown 30,562 hours at the time of its loss



G-ALAN. BOAC - 'Beaufort' in the all metal livery at Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport, August 03, 1948.

(Whites Aviation WA-14690-F Copyright Image 1802-250.)

G-ALAN. BOAC - 'Beaufort' in the all metal livery at Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport, August 03, 1948.

(Whites Aviation WA-14691-F Copyright Image 1802-248.)

G-ALAN. BOAC - 'Beaufort' in the all metal livery at Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport, August 03, 1948.

(Whites Aviation WA-22726-F Copyright Image 1802-249.)