VH-ATE. Fokker F28-1080. c/n 11082.


Entered onto the Dutch Aircraft Register as PH-EXN - July 17, 1974

Registered to NV Kon. Ned. Vliegtuigenfabriek Fokker

First flown as PH-EXN - August 7, 1974

Powered by Rolls Royce RB183-2 Spey Mk555-15 engines

Aircraft was placed in storage at Woensdrecht

Export Registration E-412 / PH-EXN applied for - December 2, 1976

Sold to the Department of Civil Aviation - December 1976

Entered onto the Australian Aircraft Register as VH-ATE - December 9, 1976

Registered to Department of Transport, Air Transport Group

Accepted by Department of Civil Aviation at Schiphol - December 13, 1976

Aircraft was purchased for the calibration and testing of navigational aids around Australia

Withdrawn from use and stored at Melbourne (Essendon) Airport

Sold to Ansett Transport Industries - November 29, 1987

Registered to Ansett Transport Industries (Operations) Pty Ltd - December 21, 1987

Reportedly purchased for operations by Air N.S.W.

Aircraft was not suitable for converting to passenger configuration for R.P.T. by Air N.S.W.

Prepared for resale at the Ansett Melbourne (Tullamarine) Maintenance Base

Sold to Time Air Ltd, Canada - March 1988

Cancelled from the Australian Aircraft Register - March 10, 1998

Entered onto the Canadian Aircraft Register as C-GTAH - March 14, 1988

Departed Melbourne on delivery flight to Canada - March 15, 1988

Arrived Saskatoon at conclusion of delivery flight - Mrch 19, 1988

Delivery route: Melbourne - Cairns - Port Moresby - Guam - Wake Island - Midway Island - Aduk - Saskatoon

Flight crew: Time Air Captain ?, Captain E. Montagu (Ansett WA); Time Air Engineer; Time Air G.M.

Transferred to Canadian Regional Airlines when Time Air and Ontario Express merged - March 1, 1993

Aircraft was named 'Spirit of Minneapolis'

Canadian Regional Airlines merged with Air Canada Regional - January 1, 2001

Registered to Air Canada Regional Inc, Enfield, Nova Scotia - November 22, 2001

Leased to Air NorTerra Inc t/a Canadian North - March 1, 2002

Air Canada Regional renamed Jazz Air

Registered to Air Canada Jazz - July 12, 2002

Operated final revenue service Saskatchewan - Calgary - August 24, 2002

Ferried Calgary - Saskatoon for storage - August 27, 2002

Officially withdrawn from service and stored at Saskatchewan

Aircraft had flown 39,145 hours with 43,662 cycles

Registered to Quest Aviation Holdings Ltd Partnership by General Partner 3814742 Canada Ltd - July 20, 2006

Observed stored intact at Saskatchewan - August 2, 2006

Stored intact at Saskatchewan - April 19, 2009

Current status - ?



VH-ATE. Department of Transport - in the full livery at Essendon Airport, September 1980.

VH-ATE. Department of Aviation - in the full livery at Melbourne Airport, January 1986.

VH-ATE. Department of Aviation - in the basic livery without titles at Melbourne Airport, March 1988.
C-GTAH. Time Air - in the full livery at Saskatoon Airport, August 1988.

C-GTAH. Time Air - in the full livery at Saskatoon Airport, April 1990.

C-GTAH. Canadian Regional - in the full livery at an unknown airport, September 1993.