VH-ANV. Embraer 120RT Brasilia. c/n 120214.


Built by Empresa Brasileira de Aeronautica S.A. (Embraer), Sao Jose dos Campos, Sao Paulo, Brazil - 1990

First flown using the test registration 'PT-SSI' - November 1990

Entered onto the French Aircraft Register as F-GHEY - December 1990

Delivered to Natexis Lease SA, Dinard-Pleurtuit, St. Malo, France - December 17, 1990

Leased to TAT European Airlines, France - December 17, 1990

Sub-leased to Alsavia, France - January 1993

Returned to TAT European Airlines on termination of lease - November 1993

Sub-lease to Flandre Air, France - November - 1993

Returned to TAT European Airlines on termination of lease - December 1993

Observed at Paris (Orly) in all-white livery with Air Liberte titles - March 02, 1999

Cancelled from the French Aircraft Register - January 11, 2001

Entered onto the Spanish Aircraft Register as EC-HSO - January 11, 2001

Leased to Ibertrans Aerea, Spain as the registered operator

Observed at Nantes, France in all-white livery with Air Liberte titles - February 05, 2001

Operational history is sketchy from this point as the aircraft was seen still parked at Nantes - November 07, 2004

Overhauled at Nantes - June, 2005

Sold to Aerotech Pty Limited, Darwin, NT, Australia - June 2005

Entered onto the Australian Aircraft Register as VH-ANV - June 23, 2005

Registered to Aerotech Pty Limited, Darwin, NT

Leased to Air North Regional, Darwin, as the registered operator but did not enter service

Departed Nantes on ferry flight to Australia - June 23, 2005

Arrived Darwin at the conclusion of ferry flight with 'Air Liberte' titles - June 27, 2005

Ferry Route: Nantes - Malta - Cairo - Bahrain - Muscat - Colombo - Denpasar - Darwin

Fitted with an executive interior for operations in Indonesia

Repainted in Darwin with registration marks 'PK-RJC' taped up

Cancelled from the Australian Aircraft Register - December 08, 2005

Entered onto the Indonesian Aircraft Register as PK-RJC - December 08, 2005

Delivered to Premiair, Jakarta, Indonesia - December 8, 2005

Current with Premiair, Indonesia