VH-TZR. de Havilland DHC-6-200. c/n 145.


This aircraft was ordered new by Penn Dixie Leasing Inc - 1968

Rolled out at the de Havilland Canada Downsview, Ontario plant as 'N1375T' - July 1968

Entered onto the United States Aircraft Register as N1375T - ?

Registered to de Havilland Canada Inc, Downsview, Ontario

First flown as 'N1375T' at Toronto - July 12, 1968

Powered by P&W Canada PT6A-20 engines

Accepted by Penn Dixie Leasing Inc, Philadelphia - July 20, 1968

Leased to Trans East Airlines, New York as the registered operator - July 20, 1968

Observed at Downsview for repairs to the damaged aft fuselage - February 1969

Observed at Downsview with incorrect registration 'N1345T'

Observed at Downsview with the correct registration 'N1375T' - March 01, 1969

Sub-leased to Florida Atlantic Airlines, Fort Lauderdale as the registered operator - January 29, 1970

Florida Atlantic Airlines filed for bankruptcy - August 1970

The aircraft was returned to Trans East Airlines - 1970

Sub-leased to Air New England, Boston, MA as the registered operator - January 1971

Returned to Trans East Airlines on termination of the lease - 1972

Sold to Bayerischer Flugdienst, Munich, Germany - May 1972

Cancelled from the United States Aircraft Register - 1972

Entered onto the German Aircraft Register as D-IBFD - October 26, 1972

Registered to Bayerischer Flugdienst, Munich, West Germany

Sold to Disko Leasing GmbH, Germany - February 1974

Leased to DLT Deutsche Luftverkhrsgesellschaft, Emden as the registered operator - February 1974

Sold to de Havilland Canada, Downsview, ON, Canada - July 07, 1975

Sold to Eclipse Consultants t/a Clauron Associates, Oshawa, Ontario, Canada - July 08, 1975

Cancelled fom the German Aircraft Register - ?

Entered onto the Canadian Aircraft Register as C-GGUQ - August 20, 1975

Registered to Eclipse Consultants, Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

Sold to Skycraft Air Transport, Oshawa, Ontario - November 02, 1976

Sold to 33 Leasing, Willowdale, Ontario, Canada - November 21, 1977

Leased to Altair Leasing, Yellowknife, NT - November 26, 1977

Sub-leased to Buffaloi Airways, Fort Smith, NT as the registered operator - November 26, 1977

Returned to Altair Leasing on termination of the sub-lease - July 05, 1978

Sub-leased to Century Air (receiver manager for Mackenzie Air) - July 05, 1978

Returned to Altair Leasing on termination of the sub-lease - August 16, 1978

Returned to 33 Leasing, Willowdale on termination of the lease - October 23, 1979

Leased to Fiji Air, Nadi, Fiji as the registered operator - October 29, 1979

Observed at Opa Locka, Florida as 'N852KB' in the DLT livery - November 1979

Entered onto the Fijian Aircraft Register as DQ-FDD - December 24, 1979

The aircraft was named 'Tui Manu Levu'

Observed at Suva, Fiji in the basic DLT livery - January 21, 1980

Withdrawn from use at Suva, Fiji - ?

Cancelled from the Fijian Aircraft Register - April 14, 1989

Observed at Brisbane in an all-metal livery May 1989

Entered onto the Australian Aircraft Register as VH-TZR - September 18, 1989

Registered to Whitaker Pty Limited, Maryborough, Queensland t/a Whitaker Air Charter

Aircraft was operated in the 'Lady Elliot Island Reef Resort' livery

Sold to Nomad Australia Pty Limited t/a Seair Pacific, Runaway Bay, Gold Coast, Queensland - May 03, 2001

Departed Australia en route to its new owners in South Africa - ?

Cancelled from the Australian Aircraft Register - ?

Sold to Blue Wing Airlines, Paramaribo, Surinam - ?

Entered onto the Surinam Aircraft Register as PZ-TSH - November 27, 2009

Current with Blue Wing Airlines


DQ-FDD. Fiji Air - 'Tui Manu Levu' in the standard livery at Nadi Airport, June 1986.

(R. N. Smith Collection Copyright Image 1920-825.)

VH-TZR. Lady Elliot Island Reef Resort - in the standard livery at an unknow airport, October 2002.

(R. N. Smith Collection Copyright Image 1920-826.)