G-APDC. de Havilland DH-106 Comet 4. c/n 6404.


This aircraft was built at the de Havilland Hatfield facility

Entered onto the British Aircraft Register as G-APDC - May 02, 1957

Registered to British Overseas Airways Corporation

First flown as G-APDC - July 27, 1958

Powered by Rolls Royce Avon Mk 524 turbojet engines

Delivered to British Overseas Airways Corporation (B.O.A.C.) - September 30, 1958

Operated B.O.A.C.'s inaugural London (Heathrow) - New York (Idlewild) Comet 4 service - October 04, 1958

This was the first scheduled jet service across the North Atlantic from London to New York

The first westbound service was under the command of Captain R. E. Millichap

Comet aircraft had to refuel at Gander due to prevailing headwinds

The B.O.A.C. Comets beat the Pan American Boeing 707s on the trans-Atlantic service by three weeks

B.O.A.C. Comet G-APDB operated the eastbound service while G-APDC flew the westbound service

The two aircraft passed each other about 300 miles apart at 47 degrees West at 1335Z

Sir Gerard d'Erlanger, B.O.A.C.'s chairman was aboard the westbound aircraft

Mr Basil Smallpiece, B.O.A.C.'s Managing Director was aboard the eastbound aircraft

Both men exchanged radio messages during the flight

Inaugurated B.O.A.C.'s London (Heathrow) - Montreal Comet 4 service - December 19, 1958

Operated a London (Heathrow) - Tokyo proving flight - January 21, 1959

This aircraft was one of six Comet 4 aircraft wet-leased by Qantas Empire Airways from 1959 to 1963

Qantas added additional Australia - United Kingdom weekly services with the chartered Comets

The aircraft were operated on the London (Heathrow) - Singapore - London (Heathrow) sector

The inaugural Qantas Comet service was operated London (Heathrow) - Singapore - November 07, 1959

Route: London - Athens - Teheran - Colombo - Kuala Lumpur - Singapore

The aircraft carried 'Qantas' titles on the cabin roof in place of the standard 'B.O.A.C.' titles

Repeater titles were sometimes applied to the pinion fuel tanks

All aircraft were crewed by B.O.A.C. flight and cabin crew

The exact dates when this particular aircraft was wet-leased by Qantas Airways is not known

The final Qantas Comet 4 revenue service was flown Singapore - London (Heathrow) as QF745-053 - May 30, 1963

Operated by B.O.A.C. for Air Ceylon in basic BOAC livery with Air Ceylon titles - 1963

Leased to Malaysian Airlines - October 1965

Cancelled from the British Aircraft Register - October 13, 1965

Entered onto the Malaysian Aircraft Register as 9M-AOC - October 1965

Malaysian Airlines merged to form Malaysian Singapore Airlines (MSA) - December 30, 1966

Cancelled from the Malaysian Aircraft Register - ?

Entered onto the Singaporean Aircraft Register as 9V-BAT - ?

Sold to Dan-Air Services (London) - August 29, 1969

Arrived London (Gatwick) on delivery to Dan-Air London - August 31, 1969

Entered onto the British Aircraft Register as G-APDC - September 18, 1970

Registered to Dan-Air Services Ltd

Operated final revenue service - April 10, 1973

Withdrawn from use and stored at Lasham

Broken up for parts to support Dan-Air's Comet fleet at Lasham - April 1975

Cancelled from the British Aircraft Register - April 30, 1981


G-APDC. BOAC - in the standard livery at Christchurch Airport, November 01, 1959.

(V. C. Browne Copyright Image 1950-102.)