VH-TBA. Douglas DC-6. c/n 42900-149.

Was also registered as: PH-TPW; PH-DPW; PJ-DPW; HC-AIT; N8703A.


This aircraft was built for Koninklijke Luchvart Maatschaappij (K.L.M.)

Entered onto the Dutch Aircraft Register as PH-TPW - October 01, 1949

Leased to Trans-Australia Airlines - December 04, 1953 to March 11, 1954

This lease was to cover the withdrawal of two CV-240s for use on the Royal Tour of 1954

Entered onto the Australian Aircraft Register as VH-TBA - December 14, 1953

Registered to Australian National Airlines Commission, Melbourne

The aircraft was named 'Abel Tasman'

Operated its first revenue service - December 18, 1953

It was mainly utilised on the Brisbane - Sydney - Melbourne - Launceston route

Cancelled from the Australian Aircraft Register - March 22, 1954

Entered onto the Dutch Aircraft Register as PH-DPW - April 07, 1954

Transferred to K.L.M.'s West Indies division as PJ-DPW - 1958

Returned to K.L.M. Royal Dutch Airlines - August 27, 1963

Entered onto the Dutch Aircraft Register as PH-DPW - August 1963

An intended sale to Linn Aeronautica S.A. did not eventuate

Leased to Ecuatoriana - September 15, 1965

Entered onto the Ecuadorian Aircraft Register as HC-AIT - September 1965

Sold to Federick B. Ayer - November 1967

Entered onto the United States Aircraft Register as N8703A - ?

Sold to Miami Aviation Corp - December 26, 1967

Sold to Aircraft Modifications - January 15, 1970

Stipped of parts and scrapped - January 1970



VH-TBA. Trans-Australia Airlines - 'Abel Tasman' in the standard livery at an unknown location, date unknown.

(R. N. Smith Collection Copyright Image 1125-150.)