VH-TAL. Douglas C-47A-30-DK. c/n 13921 / 25366.

Construction completed at the Oklahoma City plant - July 15, 1944

Built as a Douglas C-47A-30-DK

Allocated U.S. serial number 43-48105

Delivered to United States Army Air Force

Transferred to the R.A.A.F. under lend / lease agreement as A65-58 - August 10, 1944

Operated using the radio callsign 'VHCIK'

Allocated to No 33 and No 38 Squadrons during the war

Sold to Trans Australia Airlines - September 25, 1946

Entered onto the Australian Aircraft Register as VH-TAL - September 25, 1946

Registered to Australian National Airlines Commission

Aircraft was named 'Hann'

Operated its first revenue service with T.A.A. - October 18, 1947

Chartered to Ansett Airways Pty Ltd - early 1950s

Withdrawn from use and stored pending sale - April 1957

Cancelled from Australian Aircraft Register - May 30, 1957

Sold to West African Airways Corporation - August 1957

Entered onto the Nigerian Aircraft Register as VR-NCK

Aircraft was named 'Onitsha'

Transferred to Nigerian Airways & reregistered 5N-AAK - February 6, 1961

In 1957 the Nigerian Government banned all commercial flights into eastern Nigeria

Due to contractual obligations this aircraft flew Lagos-Enugu to pick up passengers

On arrival it was seized by the airport authorities and placed under armed guard

Impressed into service with Biafran Air Force - with dark camouflage livery

Issued the Biafran Air Force serial number 'AAK'

Reportedly destoyed on the ground at Enugu when airport was bombed - September 1967

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