VH-IND. Douglas C-47A-25-DK. c/n 13529.

Was also registered as: ZK-BYE; XW-PFX; XW-TDG.


Construction was completed at the Douglas Oklahoma City plant - June 1944

It was built as a Douglas C-47A-25-DK

It was delivered to the United States Army Air Force - June 7, 1944

It was allocated the U. S. serial number '42-93599'

Transferred to Pacific Air Transport Command, Manila, Philippines - June 14, 1955

Allocated to 39th Troop Carrier Squadron

It was deemed surplus to requirements and struck off charge and sold - December 31, 1945

The sale records on this aircraft is incomplete

Chartered by Curtis Madsen Airlines - 1947

Entered onto the Australian Aircraft Register as VH-IND - April 14, 1948

Registered to Aircrafts Pty Ltd

Leased to Butler Air Transport with seating for 24 passengers

Registered to Australian National Airways Pty Ltd - May 19, 1948

Converted from P&W R1820-92 radial engines to Wright Cyclone GR.1820G-202A engines - July 1948

The aircraft was named 'Menana' (high)

Used on Guinea Airways services - 1948

It was damaged when it became bogged on the wet airstrip at Mitchell River, Nth Queensland - March 15, 1949

Flight crew: Capt C. Jones; F/O R. Bampton; Hostess McGregor

Ownership transferred to Ansett-ANA - October 21, 1957

Operated by Butler Air Transport in the basic ANA livery without the ANA 'House Flag' on the rudder

Converted to P&W R1820-92 engines at Melbourne (Essendon) - 1957 - 1958

Leased to Queensland Airlines to cover the late delivery of their Friendship VH-FNE - March 1960

Withdrawn from service - October 1960

Converted to Douglas DC-3C-S1C3G with 'Viewmaster' windows at Melbourne (Essendon) - ?

Sold to South Pacific Airlines of New Zealand Ltd

Ferried Melbourne - Sydney - Norfolk Island - Auckland on delivery to SPANZ - ?

Arrived Whenuapai on completion of the ferry flight - December 02, 1960

Cancelled from the Australian Aircraft Register - December 02, 1960

Entered onto the New Zealand Aircraft Register as ZK-BYE - December 02, 1960

Withdrawn from service when SPANZ ceased trading - February 28, 1966

Sold to Columbia Trading Corporation Aviation Sales (NZ) Ltd - August 1967

The aircraft remained stored at Auckland Airport

Departed Auckland on the ferry flight to Air America via Brisbane - February 06, 1968

Cancelled from the New Zealand Aircraft Register - February 1968

Entered onto the Laos Aircraft Register as XW-PFX - ?

It was reregistered as XW-TDG - ?

Leased to Laos Air Charter

The aircraft was destroyed when it crashed at Luang Prabang, Loas - December 23, 1969

The six occupants onboard the aircraft were killed



VH-IND. Australian National Airways - 'Menana' in the standard livery at Melbourne Essendon Airport, date unknown.

(B. Colledge Copyright Image 0250-773.)