VH-ANL. Douglas C-47A-90-DL. c/n 20571.

Was also registered as: 43-16105; F-OAPD.


Construction was completed at the Douglas Long Beach, California plant - June 1944

It was built as a Douglas C-47A-90-DL

Delivered to the United States Army Air Force - June 20, 1944

It was allocated the United States serial number '43-16105'

Allocated to the 5th Air Force and delivered to Brisbane (Archerfield) - June 29, 1944

Used by 22nd Troop Carrier Squadron, 322nd Troop Carrier Wing

It was deemed surplus to requirements and was excluded from the U.S.A.A.F. inventory - December 31, 1945

Sold to Australian National Airways Pty Ltd whilst still parked at Brisbane (Archerfield) - December 31, 1945

Handed over to A.N.A. at Brisbane (Archerfield) - May 01, 1946

Entered onto the Australian Aircraft Register as VH-ANL (CofR 980) - May 22, 1946

Registered to Australian National Airways Pty Ltd, Melbourne

It was converted to civilian standards by A.N.A. at Brisbane (Archerfield) to seat 24 passengers

Delivered to Australian National Airways - March 07, 1947

The aircraft was named 'Warratana' (the sky)

It was operated by Guinea Airways Ltd - 1947

Sold to Aigle Azur Airways / Air Outre Mer, Hanoi, Vietnam - January 21, 1954

Cancelled from the Australian Aircraft Register - January 21, 1954

Departed Melbourne (Essendon) on the ferry flight to Vietnam - January 21, 1954

It arrived at Hanoi on completion of the ferry flight - January 24, 1954

Route: Melbourne (Essendon) - Alice Springs - Darwin - Sarong - Manila - Hanoi

Flight crew: Captain R. Lethbridge; F/O K. Ireson; Engineer Brodie

Entered onto the French Aircraft Register as F-OAPD - May 05, 1954

Transferred to Cie Cherifienne du Pont Aerien - February 1955

Sold / transferred to the Cambodian Air Force as '43-16105' - August 10, 1957

The last reported sighting of this aircraft was in Cambodia - 1975

Current status - ?