VH-ANK. Douglas C-47A-60-DL. c/n 13906.

Was also registered as: 43-30755; VH-AVL; ZK-BYD; XW-PFA.


Construction was completed at the Douglas Long Beach, California plant - October 1943

It was built as a Douglas C-47A-60-DL

It was delivered to the United States Army Air Force - October 08, 1943

It was allocated the United States serial number '43-30755'

Delivered to the 5th Air Force at Brisbane (Archerfield) - November 25, 1943

Used by 21st Troop Carrier Squadron using the radio callsign 'VHCHT'

The aircraft carried the nose number 'W537'

Delivered to RAAF 3 Aircraft Depot, Amberley, Queesnsland having flown 80 hours - August 23, 1944

Allocated to 21st Troop Carrier Squadron - February 1945

It sustained damage to the port wing and aileron whilst taxying at Nadzab - February 11, 1945

It was transferred to No 3 Aircraft Depot - May 31, 1945

Delivered to Pacific TSP as 'class 26' airframe - September 08, 1945

It was offered for sale by U. S. Navy as being surplus to requirements at Brisbane (Eagle Farm) - September 08, 1945

DCA records show it was sold by the Commonwealth Disposal Commission to A.N.A. - February 18, 1946

The aale price was recorded as 6,250 Pounds

It was delivered to Australian National Airways Pty Ltd - February 02, 1946

Converted to civilian standards by Australian National Airways at Brisbane (Archerfield)

Entered onto the Australian Aircraft Register (CofR 979) as VH-ANK - May 22, 1946

Registered to Australian National Airways Pty Ltd, Melbourne

The aircraft was named 'Lutana' (the moon)

It was operated mainly by Guinea Airways Ltd

Sold to Guinea Airways Ltd - September 12, 1946

Reregistered as VH-AVL - September 12, 1946

Reregistered as VH-ANK - December 09, 1946

Reregistered as VH-AVL - March 11, 1947

Operated the final Guinea Airways service Adelaide (Parafield) - Darwin - October 31, 1947

Registered to Queensland Airlines Pty Ltd - May 05, 1954

The aircraft was renamed 'Maranoa' after a local Queensland river

Converted to 'Viewmaster' standards - ?

Registered to Ansett Transport Industries Ltd, Melbourne - February 05, 1958

The aircraft continued to be operated by Queensland Airlines

It was operated by Butler Air Transport for short periods but the exact details are unknown

Transferred to Airlines of N. S. W. - April 01, 1960

Sold to South Pacific Airlines of New Zealand - April 01, 1960

Converted to SPANZ configuration at Ansett-ANA's Essendon workshop with seating for 32 passengers

Ferried Melbourne (Essendon) - Whenuapai - December 01, 1960

Flight crew: Captains R. A. L. Anderso; W. K. Pattie

Cancelled from the Australian Aircraft Register - December 02, 1960

Entered onto the New Zealand Aircraft Register as ZK-BYD - December 02, 1960

Registered to South Pacific Airlines of New Zealand Pty Ltd

Operated a roving flight ex Auckland (Captains R. Anderson, R. Daniell) - December 10 - 11, 1960

Route: Auckland - Hamilton - Masterson - Wellington - Christchurch - Oamaru - Alexandra -

Hokitika - Nelson - Matamata - Auckland

Operated its first revenue service - December 14, 1960

Route: Auckland - Hamilton - New Plymouth - Nelson - Christchurch - Oamaru - Alexandra - Christchurch

Operated its second revenue service (Captains R. Anderson, W. Pattie; Hostess J. Sheppard - December 15, 1960

Route: Christchuch - Blenheim - Wellington - Masterson - Napier - Matamata - Auckland

The aircraft was named 'RMA Ernest Rutherford' - July 1961

Operated its final revenue service Invercargill - Auckland - February 28, 1966

Flight cew: Captain R. Anderson; F/O G. Sefton

Withdrawn from service and stored at Auckland International Airport

The aircraft had flown 42,992 hours

Sold to Aviation Sales (N.Z.) Ltd - January 12, 1967

Transferred to Columbia Trading Corp, Air Sales (NZ) Ltd - March 07, 1967

Sold to U. S. A. L. Trading Company, Taiwan - ?

Ferried Auckland - Brisbane (Eagle Farm) - July 11, 1967

Cancelled from the New Zealand Aircraft Register - July 12, 1967

Entered onto the Loatian Aircraft Register as XW-PFA - July 14, 1967

Registered to Air American, Inc

This aircraft was used in covert operations in Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand for the C.I.A.

Transferred to Xieng Khouang Air Transport - 1967

Transferred to Lao United Airlines - 1969

Transferred to Laos Air Charter, Vientiane - 1972

Transferred to Hang Meas Airlines - ?

It is reported to have been destoyed in a storm at Vientiane - March 24, 1976

Another report indicates this aircraft crashed in 1968 and was replaced by DC-3 ZK-BYE

Correct fate of this airframe - ?



VH-AVL. Guinea Airways Ltd - in the 'ANA White Top' livery at an unknown airport, date unknown.

(R. N. Smith Collection Copyright Image 0250-305.)

VH-AVL. Queensland Air Lines Pty Ltd - in the final livery at Brisbane Eagle Farm Airport, date unknown.

(E. D. Daw Collection Copyright Image 0250-777.)

ZK-BYD. Airlines of New Zealand - in the 'Airlines of N.S.W.' livery at Melbourne Essendon Airport, date unknown.

(R. N. Smith Collection Copyright Image 0250-364)