VH-AEV. Douglas C-47-DL. c/n 6122.

Was also registered as: 41-19479; VH-SBI.


Construction was completed at the Douglas Long Beach plant - December 07, 1942

It was built as a Douglas C-47-DL

Delivered to the United States Army Air Force - December 07, 1942

It was allocated U. S. serial number '41-19479'

It arrived at Brisbane (Amberley) for use by 5th Air Force - January 21, 1943

Operated by the 22nd TCS using the radio callsign 'VHCJG'

The aircraft was named 'Overtime'

It was acquired by the Commonwealth of Australia / D.C.A. under the lend / lease agreement for use by airlines

Handed over to the Department of Civil Aviation at Sydney - August 28, 1944

The aircraft had flown only 1,561 hours 50 minutes to date

Converted to civilian standards by Australian National Airways

Entered onto the Australian Aircraft Register as VH-AEV - February 16, 1945

Registered to the Commonwealth of Australia, Melbourne

Leased to Australian National Airways Pty Ltd - February 17, 1945 to January 31, 1946

Leased to M.M.A. - February 01, 1946 to June 18, 1946

Registered to Australian National Airlines Commission, Melbourne - June 29, 1946

The aircraft had now flown 7,270 hours

Transferred to Trans-Australia Airlines as their 3rd aircraft - July 02, 1946

The aircraft was named 'Kennedy'

Operated its first service with Trans-Australia Airlines - July 02, 1946

Transferred to Papua New Guinea to operate the T.A.A. Sunbird services - October 27, 1960

Commenced T.A.A. Sunbird Services - November 02, 1960

The aircraft was renamed 'Manus'

Reregistered VH-SBI - December 16, 1960

The aircraft was specially named 'Pard Mustar' for one day - February 18, 1972

It was used to scatter the ashes of the late Pard Mustar over the Gulf of Huon

Withdrawn from service and placed in storage at Lae - February 23, 1972

It had now flown 52,325 hours 10 minutes

Presented to the Lae Institute of Technology - May 08, 1972

Cancelled from the Australian Aircraft Register - May 09, 1972

Stripped of parts by the Papua New Guinea Defence Force

Placed on display at Lae Airport - April 1975

It was purchased by the Papua New Guinea National Museum for intended display at Goroka

Current status - ?



VH-AEV. Trans-Australia Airlines - 'Kennedy' in the revised livery at Melbourne Essendon Airport, date unknown.

(B. Colledge Copyright Image 0250-689.)

VH-SBI. TAA Airlines of New Guinea - 'Manus' in the final livery at Lae Airport, June 1973.

(G. Bennett Collection Copyright Image 0250-977.)

VH-SBI. TAA - in the 'all-metal' livery at Lae Airport, October 1989.

(B. Potts Copyright Image 0251-764.)