VH-AET. Douglas C-47-DL. c/n 6013.


Construction completed at Long Beach, California - November 13, 1942

Built as a Douglas C-47-DL

Allocated the U. S. serial number 41-18652

Allocated to the 5th Air Force and delivered to Archerfield, Brisbane - January 15, 1943

Used by 374th Troop Carrier Squadron with the radio callsign 'VHCGD'

Aircraft was named 'Ole Stonewall'

Sold to the Department of Civil Aviation having flown 1,911 hours - November 24, 1944

Converted to civilian standards by Australian National Airways at Melbourne (Essendon) Airport

Conversion was completed - December 04, 1944

Entered onto the Australian Aircraft Register as VH-AET - December 20, 1944

Registered to Commonwealth of Australia / Department of Civil Aviation, Melbourne

Leased to Australian National Airways as the registered operator - December 20, 1944

Commenced service with A.N.A. as a freighter

Converted to passenger configuration with 21 seats

Aircraft was destroyed when it crashed into the sea off Seven Mile Beach, Hobart - March 10, 1946

It departed at 20:55 local on the return sector of Melbourne (Essendon) - Hobart - Melbourne (Essendon) service

The crew of 4 and 21 passengers were killed

The exact cause of this accident was not determined but the most like cause was the inadvertent engagement

of the autopilot just after take-off with the gyros set in 'caged' position by the First Officer

Cancelled from the Australian Aircraft Register - March 11, 1946

Aircraft had flown 7,477 hours