VH-JJQ. BAe 146-200A. c/n E2038.


Built for an Ansett order that was announced - April 1984

First flown as G-5-038 - June 7, 1985

Entered onto the Australian Aircraft Register as VH-JJQ - June 21, 1985

Registered to Ansett Transport Industriaes (Operations) Pty Ltd

Configured to seat 75 economy class passengers but later increased to 80 seats

Accepted by Ansett at Hatfield - June 24, 1985

Departed Hatfield as AWA02 on delivery flight to Australia - June 24, 1985

Arrived Perth at conclusion of delivery flight - June 26, 1985

Delivery route: Hatfield - Larnaca - Sharjah - Madras - Singapore - Bali - Perth

Flight crew: Captains C. Smith, G. Bardsley and G. Bridges (BAe)

Operated first revenue service Perth - Karratha - Perth - July 9, 1985

Operated Perth - Adelaide - Sydney as a commercial service - November 6, 1991

Ferried Sydney - Tamworth for overhaul and repaint - November 6, 1991

Transferred to Ansett Australia when Ansett W.A. operations were merged - July 1, 1993

Operated the last Ansett service through Derby, W. A. as AN372/373 - July 31, 1995

Route flown: Perth - Broome - Derby - Perth (Captain R. Kennedy)

Operated final revenue service Perth - Ayers Rock - Cairns as AN364 - February 1, 2001

Ferried Cairns - Brisbane for maintenance - February 2, 2001

Following ongoing discussions on the repairs with BAe the overhaul commenced - May 2001

Aircraft was in heavy maintenance at Brisbane when Ansett suspended operations - September 13, 2001

The overhaul was about two-thirds complete at the time

Aircraft was offered for sale by the Ansett Administrators whilst stored in the Ansett hangar

No sales were forthcoming so parting out commenced at Brisbane Airport - June 12, 2002

Parts were used in both VH-EWR & VH-EWS

Cancelled from the Australian Aircraft Register - June 12, 2002

Ansett Engineering quote aircraft had flown 47,098 hours with 32,946 cycles

Stripped fuselage went to the Aviation Australia's training facility at Brisbane Airport

Useable parts sold and shipped to the U.K.

Observed at the Aviation Australia facility at Brisbane Airport with Ansett logo on fuselage - July 2008

Aircraft essentially intact, on its own landing gear, horizontal stabiliser in place with doors & windows



VH-JJQ. Ansett W.A. - in the 'Southern Cross' livery at Perth Airport, April 1986.

VH-JJQ. Ansett W.A. - in the 'Southern Cross' livery at Perth Airport, June 1986.

VH-JJQ. Ansett W.A. - in the 'Union Jack ' livery at Perth Airport, January 1992.

VH-JJQ. Ansett Australia - in the 'Union Jack' livery at Perth Airport, November 1994.

VH-JJQ. Ansett Australia - in the basic livery at Brisbane Airport, January 2005.