ZK-NEB. Boeing 737-130. c/n 19015-04.


This aircraft was ordered new by Deutsche Lufthansa AG - ?

Rolled off the Boeing production line at Renton - June 1967

First flown as N2289C - July 05, 1967

Powered by Pratt & Whitney JT8D-7A engines

This was the fourth Boeing 737 to be constructed and was used in the Boeing 737 Certification Program

During early test flying excessive drag was encountered at high cruising speeds

A 'quick fix' modification was applied by reinforcing the rear wing spars on all five development aircraft

F.A.A. type certification was granted - December 1967

Entered onto the German Aircraft Register as D-ABEC - December 1967

Registered to Deutsche Lufthansa AG

Accepted by Lufthansa at Seattle - December 27, 1967

The aircraft was named 'Osnabruck'

Sold to Far Eastern Air Transport (FEAT) - October 22, 1981

This aircraft was stored at Hamburg due to a ban on the importation of used aircraft into Taiwan

This ban resulted in the cancellation of the sale to FEAT

Sold to Asian Aviation Services (Taiwan) - April 1983

Aircraft departed Hamburg for Taipei to undergo D Check flown by a Boeing Flight Crew - April 24, 1983

Cancelled from the German Aircraft Register - 1983?

Sold to America West Airlines Inc, Phoenix, Arizona - April 1984

Entered onto the United States Aircraft Register as N702AW - April 06, 1984

Sold to Ansett Worldwide Aviation Services - December 10, 1986

The lease continued to America West Airlines

Returned to AWAS on termination of the lease - May 11, 1987

Leased to Ansett New Zealand - June 21, 1987

Arrived Christchurch on completion of the delivery flight - June 25, 1987

Entered onto the New Zealand Aircraft Register as ZK-NEB - July 13, 1987

Registered to Billmans Management Ltd

The aircraft was named 'City of Wellington'

Withdrawn from service at Christchurch - December 13, 1989

Returned to A.W.A.S. and stored at Christchurch

Departed Christchurch on the ferry flight to to the United States for storage at Marana, Arizona - April 19, 1991

Cancelled from the New Zealand Aircraft Register - April 23, 1991

Entered onto the United States Aircraft Register as N702PJ - September 1993

Registered to Transpacific Enterprises Inc, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Sold to Rovair Enterprises Inc - October 05, 1995

Registered to Rovair Enterprises - November 14, 1995

Scrapped at Marana - November 1995



D-ABEC. Lufthansa - in the basic livery at Hamburg Airport, October 1981.

(R. N. Smith Collection Copyright Image 4622-006.)

N702AW. America West Airlines - in the standard livery at an unknown airport, February 1985.

(R. N. Smith Collection Copyright Image 4622-007.)

ZK-NEB. Ansett New Zealand - 'City of Wellington' in the 'Southern Cross' livery at Christchurch Airport, January 13, 1991.

(A. Durr Copyright Image 4622-008.)