ZK-NAY. Boeing 737-219A. c/n 23475-1203.

Was also registered as: XA-TWO.


This aircraft was ordered new by Air New Zealand Limited - ?

Entered onto the New Zealand Aircraft Register as ZK-NAY - February 03, 1986

Registered to Air New Zealand Limited, Auckland

First flown at Seattle (Boeing Field) - February 14, 1986

Accepted by Air New Zealand at Seattle (Boeing Field) - March 05, 1986

It arrived at Christchurch having completed its ferry flight from the United States - March 09, 1986

The aircraft was named 'Piripiri' (rifleman)

Operated its first revenue service - March 1986

This aircraft was the 1st Boeing 737 to be fitted with Nordam engine hush-kits

Test flown Christchurch - Christchurch following fitment of the Nordam engine hush-kits - September 24, 1992

Withdrawn from service and stored at Christchurch - 1999

Sold to Aviacion de Chiapas (AVIACSA), Mexico - ?

The aircraft was repainted into the AVIACSA livery at Christchurch

It remained stored at Christchurch due to issues regarding payment for the aircraft

Test flown at Christchurch in preparation for departure for Mexico - December 11, 2002

Departed Christchurch on the ferry flight to Mexico - December 11, 2002

Arrived at Monterrey (Mexico) on completion of the ferry flight - December 2002

Ferry route: Christchurch - Apia - Honolulu - Hilo - Tijuana - Monterrey

Cancelled from the New Zealand Aircraft Register - December 19, 2002

Entered onto the Mexican Aircraft Register as XA-TWO - December 19, 2002

Registered to AVIACSA, Monterrey

It was withdrawn from service and stored at Mexico City - July 2009

AVIACSA ceased operations due to financial problems - July 06, 2009

It was observed stored at Mexico City (Benito Juarez) without engines in a derelict condition - 2014

Cancelled from the Mexican Aircraft Register - ?

It was announced that the aircraft would be refurbished and opened as a Public Library named 'Utopia' at

Itzapalapa, Mexico - January 12, 2020

Current status - ?



ZK-NAY. Air New Zealand - 'Piripiri' in the standard livery at Wellington Airport, January 1993.

(M. Richardson Copyright Image 4625-097.)

ZK-NAY. Air New Zealand - 'Piripiri' in the standard livery at Wellington Airport, June 1993.

(M. Richardson Copyright Image 4625-098.)

ZK-NAY. Aviacsa - in the standard livery at Christchurch Airport, December 11, 2002.

(Z. Rae Copyright Image 4625-515.)