VH-VXB. Boeing 737-838. 'Yananyi Dreaming'



'Yananyi Dreaming' artwork that was applied to the Qantas Boeing 737-838 aircraft, was designed by Balarinji using individual motifs painted by Rene Kulitja whose vibrant colours are inspired by the dramatic landscape surrounding Uluru.

Uluru has dominated the Australian Western Desert landscape for millions of years. The Anangu people have lived in the region for more than 40,000 years, maintaining their special sites and unique culture.

Through song, dance and art, they tell their Tjukurpa - Anangu stories of land and journeys that hold their knowledge and their Law. Dances from the Tjukurpa teaching Anangu way of life and history of their land are passed on from generation to generation, keeping culture strong.

'Yananyi' means going or travelling. In 'Yananyi Dreaming' radiating pathways lead to the symbol of Uluru, depicted both as a physical form surrounded by Kurkara (desert oak trees), and as an abstract representation of concentric circles.

Blue hills (Tali) rise from the desert landscape, and mala (Rufous Hair - Wallaby) tracks are imprinted on the sand. Lungkata (Blue tongued Lizard) basks in the hot sun in this fragile and ancient place. 'Yananyi Dreaming' is the strong Uluru story.

Rene Kulitja describes her artistic works for 'Yananyi Dreaming.' "This is my traditional place. I am a Pitjantjatjara woman. My pictures tell about the landscape, the animals and the plants of Uluru. We go hunting in the desert for tjala (honey ant) and lungkata (Blue-tongued Lizard). I am a traditional owner at Uluru. My husband, my kids and I - we love this country."

Yananyi Dreaming was painted at Boeing's Seattle headquarters using 484.5 litres of paint and over 2,000 man hours across six days. 200 large plastic stencils, each 7mm thick and measuinrg 1.27m x 3 m defined the overall design. 63 pieces of nylon stencil ranging in size from 0.5m x 1.5m to 1.25m x 5.6m created the more intricate designs.