VH-CZV. Boeing 737-277A. c/n 22654-862.

Was also registered as: N187AW.


This aircraft was ordered new by Ansett Airlines - ?

Rolled off the Boeing production line at Seattle (Boeing Field) - March 22, 1982

First flown as 'VH-CZV' - April 15, 1982

Entered onto the Australian Aircraft Register as VH-CZV - April 16, 1982

Registered to Ansett Transport Industries (Operations) Pty Ltd, Melbourne

Accepted by Ansett at Seattle (Boeing Field) - April 21, 1982

Departed Seattle (Boeing Field) on the delivery flight to Australia - April 24, 1982

Arrived Melbourne (Tullamarine) on compoletion of the delivery flight - April 27, 1982

Delivery route: Seattle - San Francisco - Hilo - Nadi - Melbourne

Operated its first revenue service Melbourne (Tullamarine) - Hobart as AN1 - May 07, 1982

Operated the inaugural Sydney (Kingsford Smith) - Hamilton Island service - July 07, 1984

Operated its final revenue service Sydney - Melbourne (Tullamarine) (Captain C. Denaro) as AN39 - January 26, 1987

The aircraft had flown 11,000 hours

Departed Melbourne (Tullamarine) on the ferry flight to the United States as AN560 - January 30, 1987

Ferry route: Melbourne - Nadi - Apia - Hilo - Seattle (Paine Field)

Flight crew: Captains E. Walters, L. W. Gillham, T. R. May; Engineer B. Burgess;

Boeing Support crew F. Zappert, M. Pulaski

Sold to Wilmington Trust Co, DE - February 1987

Sold to EFC Leasing Company - February 16, 1987

Cancelled from the Australian Aircraft Register - March 02, 1987

Entered onto the United States Aircraft Register as N187AW - March 04, 1987

Registered to EFC Leasing Company

Leased to America West Airlins as the registered operator

Converted to America West configuration by Elsinore Aviation Services, Waco, Texas

Operated its final America West revenue service Ontario - Phoenix as HP643 - November 30, 2004

Ferried Phoenix - Goodyear for storage as HP7603 - December 14, 2004

Broken up at Goodyear

Cancelled from the United States Aircraft Register - March 16, 2005



VH-CZV. Ansett - in the 'Southern Cross' livery at Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport, June 10, 1982.

(R. N. Smith Copyright Image 4622-217.)

VH-CZV. Ansett - in the 'Southern Cross' livery with additional 'Official Airline Commonwealth Games Brisbane 1982' titles at Melbourne Tullamarine Airport, November 1982.

(R. N. Smith Collection Copyright Image 4622-052.)

VH-CZV. Ansett - in the 'Southern Cross' livery at Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport, January 11, 1986.

(R. N. Smith Copyright Image 4622-055.)

N187AW. America West Airlines - in the standard livery at an unknown airport, April 1987.

(R. N. Smith Collection Copyright Image 4622-128.)

N187AW. America West - in the revised livery at Los Angeles Airport, June 2003.

(R. N. Smith Collection Copyright Image 4620-534.)