A39-002. Airbus A330-203MRTT. c/n 951.


This aircraft was ordered new by Australian Government for the Royal Australian Air Force

The contract to convert five Airbus A330 airframes for the R.A.A.F. was signed - December 20, 2004

Rolled off the production line at Toulouse as ?

First flown as 'F-' in primer - ?

Powered by International General Electric CF6-80E1A4 engines

Rolled out at Toulouse in the standard R.A.A.F. low-viz livery - ?

Delivered to CASA, Madrid, Spain for conversion to MRTT configuration - ?

This conversion was undertaken by EADS Conversion & Modification Centre, Getafe, Spain

Rolled into hangar for conversion - ?

First post conversion flight flown as 'EC-?' -

Accepted by the R.A.A.F. at Madrid as 'EC-' - ?

Arrived R.A.A.F. Base Amberley, Queensland on delivery as 'A39-002' - ?

Issued to No. 33Squadron, 86 Wing based at Amberley, Queensland

Current with the Royal Australian Air Force


A39-002. Royal Australian Air Force - in the low viz grey livery at Adelaide West Beach Airport, February 08, 2019.

(T. Haynes Copyright Image 0330-293.)