VH-VHD. Airbus A319-115LR. c/n 1999.

Ordered new by CIT Leasing Corporation

Rolled off the production line at Hamburg (Finkenwerder) - July 2003

First flown as D-AVYQ at Hamburg - July 10, 2003

Powered by CFMI CFM 56-5B7/P engines

Delivered to CIT Leasing as F-GYAS - October 31, 2003

Entered onto the French Aircraft Register as F-GYAS - October 31, 2003

Leased to Aero Services Executive - October 31, 2003

Ferried Toulouse - Hamburg (Finkenwerder) for executive fit-out - November 27, 2003

Sub-leased to Air France to operate executive services - January 22, 2004

Observed at Paris (Le Bourget) in the standard Air France livery with Aero Services titles - January 22, 2004

Converted at Perpignan to A319-115LR standard

Returned to CIT Leasing Corporation - January 31, 2007

Entered onto the Australian Aircraft Register as VH-VHD - February 16, 2007

Registered to Sky Traders Pty Ltd

Operated by Sky Traders for the Australian Government on behalf of Australian Antarctic Services

Ferried Toulouse - Shannon - Toulouse on test flight - February 17, 2007

Departed Toulouse on the delivery flight to Australia - February 18, 2007

Arrived Melbourne (Tullamarine) on completion of the delivery flight in all-white livery - February 20, 2007

Delivery route: Toulouse - Larnaca - Dubai - Phuket - Melbourne

Operated proving flight Hobart - McMurdo Sound (Antarctica) - Hobart as Ice 319 - February 27, 2007

Ferried Melbourne (Tullamarine) - Sydney (Richmond) for repainting - May 29, 2007

Rolled out in Australian Government Antarctica Division livery

Made first landing on the blue-ice runway at Wilkins, Antarctica - December 12, 2007

Operates seasonal flights to Antarctica bases at McMurdo Sound, Wilkins and Pegasus Field from

Hobart, Melbourne and Christchurch using call-sign 'Ice 319'

Registered to C.I.T. Leasing Corporation, New York - December 3, 2012

Leased to Skytraders Pty Ltd, Melbourne as registered operator

Current with Sky Traders

F-GYAS. Air France Aero Services - in the standard livery at Paris Airport, May 2004.

VH-VHD. Sky Traders - in the all-white livery at Melbourne Airport, February 2007.

VH-VHD. Sky Traders - in the standard livery at Melbourne Airport, August 2007.

VH-VHD. Sky Traders - in the standard livery at Hobart Airport, December 2007.

VH-VHD. Sky Traders - in the standard livery at Adelaide Airport, July 2010.

VH-VHD. Sky Traders - in the standard livery at Brisbane Airport, January 2011.
VH-VHD. Sky Traders - in the new livery at Perth Airport, February 2016.