G-AGTJ. Consolidated Vultee LB32-3 Liberator. c/n 22.

Was also registered as: VH-EAJ.



The original order was placed by the United States Army Air Force - ?

Constructed by Consolidated Aircraft Corporation, San Diego, USA - October 1941

Allocated to the Royal Air Force - October 1941

Taken 'on-charge' by the Royal Air Force at Dorval, Canada - November 03, 1941

It was allocated the RAF serial number 'AL524'

Departed Canada (Dorval) on its ferry flight to the United Kingdom - December 12, 1941

It arrived at Scotland (Prestwick) on completion of its ferry flight - December 14, 1941

Ferry route: Dorval - Gander - Prestwick

Handed-over to Scotish Aviation at Prestwick for 'entry-into-service' maintenance - December 14, 1941

Issued to RAF 51 Maintenance Unit - January 13, 1942

Issued to RAF 29 Maintenance Unit - February 06, 1942

Issued to RAF 224 Squadron - February 20, 1942

Returned to Scottish Aviation (Prestwick) for modification work - March 24, 1942

Parts were removed from Liberator 'AL554' and fitted to this aircraft

Issued to RAF 120 Squadron, Transport Command with fuselage lettering 'OH-T' - March 25, 1942

Issued to RAF 22 Maintenance Unit - July 10, 1942

Returned to Scotish Aviation (Prestwick) for additional modifications - August 09, 1942

Returned to No RAF 1445 Flight for Middle East posting - October 15,1942

Issued to RAF 160 Squadron - October 31, 1942

Issued to RAF 178 Squadron - January 15, 1943

Delivered to RAF 1675 Heavy Conversion Unit - November 1943

Returned to Transport Command, Middle East - April 27, 1944

Returned to Scotish Aviation (Prestwick) for modifications to BOAC passenger accommodation - May 23, 1944

Overhauled / modified by Scottish Aviation for use as a passenger transport for Indian Ocean services

Entered onto the British Aircraft Register as G-AGTJ (CofR 97114/1) - September 25, 1945

Registered to British Overseas Airways Corporation, London

Handed-over to BOAC for Indian Ocean passenger transport services - September ?, 1945

Qantas Empire Airways (QEA) were to opertate these services

Departed Scotland (Prestwick) on its delivery flight to Australia - ?

It arrived at Sydney (Mascot) on completion of the delivery flight - ?

The Certificate of Airworthiness (CofA No 7523) issued to BOAC - March 07, 1946

Handed over to Qantas Empire Airways Ltd at Sydney (Mascot) - March 07, 1946

This aircraft was not utilised on the Indian Ocean services

Handed to the Commonwealth Disposals Commission as being 'surplus to requirements' - June ?, 1946

The Certificate of Airworthiness (CofA) lapsed - March 06, 1947

Sold to Qantas Empire Airways Limited - April 28, 1947

Entered onto the Australian Aircraft Register as VH-EAJ - April 28, 1947

Registered to Qantas Empire Airways Ltd, Sydney

Cancelled from the British Aircraft Register - June 02, 1947

It was utilised by QEA to transport spare engines to support their Lockheed Constellation fleet

Also utilised for general freight operations within Australia

Withdrawn from use and scrapped at Sydney (Mascot) - November ?, 1950

Cancelled from the Australian Aircraft Register - December 01, 1950

It is unknown if the forward fuselage of 'VH-EAI' or 'VH-EAJ' was converted into a mobile 'fish & chip' van

Said van was observed operating in the French's Forest area of Sydney up until late 1955

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