A12-125. British Aircraft Corporation BAC-111-217EA. c/n 125.

Was also registered as: G-KROO; 5N-SDP.


This aircraft was ordered new by the Royal Australian Air Force - R.A.A.F. - December 01, 1965

It was the second of two airframes acquired for VIP duties

Powered by 2 Rolls Royce Spey 25 Mk.511-14 engines

Rolled off British Aerospace Corporation production line at Hurn Airport, Bournemouth - December 1967

First flown as 'A12-125' at Hurn - January 10, 1968

Handed over to the Royal Australian Air Force at Hurn - January 31, 1968

Delivered to Royal Australian Air Force No 34 Squadron as 'A12-125' - February 08, 1968

It arrived at Canberra (RAAF Fairbairn ) - February 1968

It was operated by No. 34 Squadron, Royal Australian Air Force

The aircraft was initially fitted with two executive cabins of 26 and 30 passenger seats

It was later modified to seat 28 passenger only

Withdrawn from use and handed over to Hawker Pacific at Sydney (Kingsford Smith) - January 30, 1990

The aircraft had flown 12,100 hours with 15,700 cycles to date

Sold to Burtonwood Developments - March 05, 1990

Entered onto the British Aircraft Register as G-KROO - March 05, 1990

Registered to Burtonwood Developments

Departed Sydney (Kingsford Smith) on the ferry flight to the United Kingdom - April 19, 1990

It arrived at Hurn, Bournemouth on completion of the ferry flight for storage - April 22, 1990

Ferry route: Sydney - Alice Springs - Port Headland - Cocos Islands - Male - Bahrain - Heraklion - Nice - Hurn

Flight crew: Captains Paddy Cormican, Mike Birks, Brydon Oke

Registered to European Aviation Ltd - September 10, 1990

Ferried Hurn - Southend for maintenamnce - October 25, 1991

Sold to Okada Air of Nigeria and rolled out Southend as '5N-SDP' - December 15, 1991

Cancelled from British Aircraft Register - January 24, 1992

Entered onto the Nigerian Aircraft Register as 5N-SDP - December 15, 1991

Registered to Okada Air

Ferried Southend to Nigeria via Ostend on delivery to Okada Air - January 27, 1992

Used as a corporate aircraft for charter and company use and retained the VIP configuration

Withdrawn from use and stored Benin City, Nigeria - December 1997

The Nigerian Government permanently banned and grounded all BAC 111 operations - May 2002

This was due to a series of crashes that had occured over the years

It was observed derelict at Benin City, Nigeria - April 06, 2005

It was observed derelict at Benin City, Nigeria - January 14, 2008

It was observed in a derelict mouldy condition in the grass area minus engines and APU - April 08, 2009

Scrapped at Benin City - ?



A12-125. Royal Australian Air Force - in the standard livery at Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport, May 06, 1980.

(R. N. Smith Copyright Image 1921-077.)

A12-125. Royal Australian Air Force - in the standard livery at Canberra Airport, January 12, 1983.

(R. N. Smith Copyright Image 1921-078.)

G-KROO. Burtonwood - in the basic RAAF livery at Hurn Airport, June 1990.

(R. N. Smith Collection Copyright Image 1920-441.)

G-KROO. Burtonwood - in the basic RAAF livery at Hurn Airport, August 24, 1991.

(G. Burton Copyright Image 1920-955.)