ZK-MVD. Aerospatiale ATR-72-212A-600. c/n 1117.


This aircraft was ordered new by Air New Zealand - ?

Built by Avion de Transport Regional (ATR) at Toulouse, France

First flown (T1) Toulouse (Blagnac) - Toulouse (Blagnac) as 'F-WWEF' - November 01, 2013

Accepted by Air New Zealand at Toulouse (Blagnac) - November 08, 2013

Departed Toulouse on the delivery flight to New Zealand as SXI? - November 08, 2013

Entered onto the New Zealand Aircraft Register as ZK-MVD - November 11, 2013

Registered to Mount Cook Airline Limited, Christchurch, New Zealand

It arrived at Christchurch on completion of the delivery flight - November 13, 2013

Route: Toulouse - Alexandria - Al Ain - Nagpur - Penang - Kupang - Brisbane - Christchurch

Operated its first Mount Cook revenue service Christchurch - Dunedin as NZ? - November 20, 2013

Mount Cook Airline was wound up - December 2019

Mount Cook Airline ceased to exist at the close of business - December 09, 2019

The aircraft was transferred to the Air New Zealand Air Operators Certificate

Registered to Air New Zealand Limited, Auckland - December 10, 2019

Current with Air New Zealand



ZK-MVD. Air New Zealand Link - in the revised 'Pacific Wave' livery with additional 'Mount Cook' titles at Christchurch Airport, June 21, 2014.

(Z. Rae Copyright Image 0390-094.)

ZK-MVD. Air New Zealand - in the 'Silver Fern' livery at Christchurch Airport, May 29, 2015.

(Z. Rae Copyright Image 0390-106.)