ZK-MCS. Aerospatiale ATR-72-212. c/n 454.

Was also registered as: F-WQLH; N531AS; PR-TTI.


This aircraft was ordered new by Air New Zealand - ?

Built by Avion de Transport Regional (ATR) at Toulouse, France

First flown (T1) Toulouse (Blagnac) - Toulouse (Blagnac) as 'F-WWLI' - May 11, 1995

Entered onto the New Zealand Aircraft Register as ZK-MCS - November 24, 1995

Registered to Mount Cook Airline Limited, Christchurch, New Zealand

Accepted by Air New Zealand at Toulouse (Blagnac) - November 25, 1995

The aircraft was named 'Queenstown'

Departed Toulouse on the delivery flight to New Zealand as SXI? - November 1995

It arrived at Christchurch on completion of the delivery flight - December 03, 1995

Route: Toulouse - Alexandria - Al Ain - Nagpur - Penang - Kupang - Brisbane - Christchurch

Operated its first Mount Cook revenue service Christchurch - ? as NZ? - December 1995

The aircraft was withdrawn from service at Christchurch - January 2000

Departed Christchurch on the ferry flight to France - January 11, 2000

It arrived at Toulouse (Francazal) on completion of the ferry flight - January 19, 2000

Cancelled from the New Zealand Aircraft Register - January 19, 2000

Entered onto the French Aircraft Register as F-WQLH - January 19, 2000

Departed Toulouse on the ferry flight to the United States - March 2000

It arrived at Atlanta on delivery to Atlantic Southeast Airlines - March 13, 2000

Cancelled from the French Aircraft Register - March 13, 2000

Entered onto the United States Aircraft Register as N531AS - March 13, 2000

Registered to Wells Fargo Bank Northwest, Salt Lake City, Utah

Leased to Atlantic Southeast Airlines (ASA) as the registered operator

It was withdrawn from service at Atlanta, Georgia - February 2005

Departed Atlanta on the ferry flight Toulouse (Francazal) on return to ATR for storage - February 2005

The aircraft was prepared for lease to Total Linhas Aereas, Brazil

Cancelled from the United States Aircraft Register - June 10, 2005

Entered onto the Brazilian Aircraft Register as PR-TTI - June 10, 2005

Leased to Total Linhas Aereas, Manaus as the registered operator

Withdrawn from service by Total Linhas Aereas - May 2008

Leased to Trip Linhas Aereas, Sao Paulo as the registered operator - May 2008

The aircraft was damaged beyond repair at Altimira, Brazil - February 21, 2011

Whilst landing the aircraft ran off the left side of the runway badly damaging the port wing

It was operating the Belem - Altimira evening service

There were no fatalities to the 51 occupants

The aircraft was deemed to be uneconomical to repar and was written off

The fuselage was transported by road to Sao Paulo (Viracopos) for use as a ground training aide

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The fuselage was observed being used as a cafe named 'Airplane Express Food' - October 04, 2016



ZK-MCS. Air New Zealand Link - in the original livery with additional 'Mount Cook Airline' titles at Wellington Airport, January 1996.

(M. Richardson Copyright Image 0390-073.)