The Private Sale Of My Original Slides.



The time has now arrived to sell off many of the original Kodak slides from my private collection that have been used to produce the fantastic digital images in this website. These slides will be listed in blocks - each block will have 100 slides to start with - and will be sold at a fixed price. This means that if you are astute enough to follow these listings on a regular basis you can pick up some great buys without having to engage in a bidding war with other collectors.

The low resolution scans of the auction slides have not been adjusted or enhanced. Any hairs and dust particles that appear on the scan will have been captured duing the slide scanning process.



Conditions Of Sale.


The slides offered for sale are all original slides (no duplicate slides). These slides are generally in excellent condition but some may have acquired scratches and / or other marks over the years that are beyond my control.

The sale price on each slide has been determined in accordance with any imperfections that are observable on the slide when it is listed and the rarity of the subject.

Not all slides will be full frame or the subject aircraft centred in the frame. What you see in the scanned image is exactly what is in the slide - no adjustments or enhancements have been made.

As the buyer it is your responsibility to quote the correct reference number for the slide you are wanting to acquire. Each slide is clearly identified by a 5-digit reference number This reference number will appear under each slide image.

All sales must be paid for before a slide will be mailed out. You are required to pay the full amount via PayPal within 48 hours of receiving my sales invoice.

The price listed for each slide is quoted in Australian Dollars ($AUD). You will need to apply an appropriate exchange rate to determine the cost in your local currency.

All PayPal payments will attract a 5% fee to cover charges.

A postal fee will be paid by the buyer. Upto four (6) slides can be posted as one unit - worldwide delivery.

If necessary I will hold slides until I can fill one envelope for you (6 slides max) however the postage fee must be paid with the first slide purchased.

Each slide will be sold for the stated sales price - not negotiable - which will be clearly stated at the end of each sale item description - and will be sold on a 'first-come-first served' basis.

ALL slide are sold on a 'non-return' basis.

All sales can only proceed using the attached order form - access this form by using the 'button' at the top of each page.

At least one (1) new block of 100 slides will be added each month.



If you are not intending to pay for your buys within the stipulated time frame then do not buy the slide/s in the first place. You are required to pay for your slides within 48 hours of receiving my Payment Invoice. If the slide/s are not paid for within the 48 hour timeframe then they can be sold to the next buyer.



The slides have been grouped in blocks thus making it easier for you to follow the sales. Each block will have a maximum of 100 slides - this number will be reduced as slides are sold from that block - but no new slides will be added to that block. By clicking on the button/s below you will be directed to the relevant block.



Block 01 - Douglas Props
Block 02 - Boeing 737s
Block 03 - Boeing 737s
Block 04
Block 05 - Boeing 727s
Block 06 - Boeing 747s
Block 07