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August 3, 2012.

Capt David Long. Adelaide, South Australia. (address withheld)

Thank you for the marvellous memories that the site provides of all my metal mistrssses over 31 years. Between 4/1960 and early retirement and transition to SIA as a '400' Captain in 1991 (when the Federal Government made its latest financial threat against Qantas Pilots and their retirement benefits) I was privileged to fly some 21,000 hours, mainly in command, in all of those historic airframes depicted. Every 707 (both 'fighter' and 'bomber' variant), all the Jumbos in their manifestations (100 / 200 / 300 /SPs) and finally the 400. With both the707s (13 x 100 & 23 x 300) and 747s (28 Classics & 2 x SPs) every airframe was subtly different, and if one was a dedicated 'hand flyer' one could link certain characteristics to individual airframes. Some were much sweeter than others. I recall that the 'Bahrain High Diver' VH-EAB from memory, came back into service after the Qantas Engineering Team had finished rebuilding her, and she was the sweetest of the all. Once all was in trim and the cabin quiet she could left to herself for periods of time untouched by guiding hands. Oh the memories!!! Thank you so much. (QEA / QF / QFA 1960 - 1991. SIA 1991 - 1998).

July 10, 2012.

Elston Airways. Gold Coast, Queensland. (address withheld)

Fabulous website! An amazing timeline of VH-EBA and wonderful photos - thank you very much!

December 4, 2011.

Ian Johns. Adelaide, South Australia. (address withheld)

Came across your web site while looking for information on the Qantas Super Constellation VH-EAC 'Southern Wave' when it crashed at Maritius on August 25, 1960. My father, Douglas B. Johns was a passenger on that flight and he had nothing but praise for the crew and their actions immediately after the crash while the plane was burning. My father travelled a lot and it took him a long time to be comfortable when taking off in an aircraft. Thank you for a great site. Being lucky enough to have been an airline traveller from a boy some of your photos bring back good memories.

August 25, 2011.

Darren. Perth, Western Australia. (address withheld)

A fantastic web site with great memories of Australia's airlines. I have a wb site dedicated to some Aussie Airline uniforms and memorabilia. You have created a fantastic website and memories for all to remember. Thank you.

Sunday July 10, 2011.

Tony Dumbrill. Perth, Western Australia. (address withheld)

Well done! A very impressive web site and thanks for bringing back so many fond memories. (Ex T.A.A. Alice Springs and Adelaide)

Saturday June 4, 2011.

Brian Page. Soldiers Point, N.S.W. (address withheld)

Some fantastic memories here, just scrolling down the list of pilots that were once part of that great Aussie battler called East West Airlines. Brings back many memories. Incredible to think that what we were attempting to do back then is what Jetstar is achieving today. I am now also proudly part of that operation ironically still working with a few of the names from the original list. Best wishes to all.

April 25, 2011.

Angus Turner. Adelaide, South Australia. (address withheld)

My dad's name was Captain Bob Turner. I still have his early log books from the R.A.A.F. and A.N.A. He still remembers some of the pilots who you have listed in the flight crew lists. A very interesting site. Thanks.

March 9, 2011.

John Kennett. Adelaide, South Australia. (address withheld)

Magic site - really loved the Douglas DC-3s of Airlines of South Australia. I think it might be one that me and my mum flew on to Broken Hill when I was a little tacker.

December 23, 2010.

Anthony Powell. Canberra, A.C.T. (address withheld)

Hi - great source for 'VH' registered aircraft and their I.D. numbers. Thanks

December 2, 2010.

Andrew McMechan. Sydney, N.S.W. (address withheld)

I saw the two Qantas Boeing 707 books today at the Qantas Heritage Collection at the Qantas Domestic Terminal at Sydney Airport. I almost wet myself and went on a quest to find them. I found your web site. What a fantastic effort you have made to produce this resource. Thank you.

August 27, 2010.

Captain Ian Campbell. Basingstoke, Hampshire, U.K. (address withheld)

On a recent visit to Calshot in Hampshire (flying boats, Royal Navy / R.A.F.) I saw a diorama of the Sunderland VH-BRF. On carrying out and internet search I came across your web site. Lots of good info and pictures. Well done!

July 26, 2010.

Lisa Coney Ryan. Sydney, N.S.W. (address withheld)

Thought I might Google my dad's name and guess what? Your wonderful website popped up. My father was Phil Coney and his details are listed under your Airline Flight Crew lists - Butler Air Transport. He passed away in 1985 and we still treasure his Captain's hat and wings. Flying was his passion and I also have very fond memories of flying in the jump-seat on take-off and landing. It was a surprise to see that he logged 15,500 hours flying - I still have some of his logbooks. Some of the photos on your site brought back some incredible memories - specially of the flying boats at Rose Bay. Went to the exhibition at the Sydney Museum about the fling boats out at Rose Bay which was extremely well done. Thank you for all your incredible hard work and research.

May 5, 2010.

Capt Nimal Rambukwelle. Kandy, Western Province, Srilanka. (address withheld)

It was very interesting reading your web site, especially as ANA and Air Ceylon were partners for the inception of Ceylon Sviation. Perhaps a reader may have pictures of the DC-4 used by Ansett for the Colombo operation - in which case I would like copies of for a book I hope to write after my retirement as a captain from Srilankan Airlines.

Sunday January 31, 2010.

Tom Kimball. San Jose, California, U.S.A.. (address withheld)

I came across your site via the discussion forum on Airliners.net. And what an awesome find. I am so impressed with the work and the research that has gone into the site. How wonderful to view great photos and read all the history of so many of the aircraft that I have flown in during many trips to Australia. I will continue to be a loyal fan of the site. Thanks.

Sunday November 22, 2009.

John Doutch. Berwick, Victoria. (address withheld)

This site is absolutely brilliant and a professional piece of work. The info contained will be giving me pleasure for years, thank you.

Saturday June 27, 2009.

Gerard Powell. Melbourne, Vict. (address withheld)

I just wanted to send you a note thanking you for the two wonderful books (Qantas Lockheed Electras & The First Qantas Boeing 707) that arrived during the week. They are beautifully done and have made excellent reading. The photography is also outstanding! I shall probably take you up on the idea of having some customised books made.

Sunday June 21, 2009.

Charles Kennedy. London, U.K. (address withheld)

The Qantas books (Qantas Lockheed Electras & The First Qantas Boeing 707) are FANTASTIC! Amazing photos, great layout, stylish covers, interesting text ... faultless. I thank you very much for taking the time to do this great historical work. Please let me known of any future titles.

Friday May 22, 2009.

Jay Tanguay. San Francisco, California, U.S.A. (address withheld)

Absolutely fantastic site! I've had a lifelong love of Australia and of aviation. Your site is greatly appreciated. I learned so very much as a direct result of your hard work in putting all of this data together. Cheers.

Sunday March 29, 2009.

B.F. Froggy Worden. Fort Worth, Texas, U.S.A. (address withheld)

As an old airplane buff (75 last birthday) just wanted you to know how much I enjoy your site. I use the present tense because I am far from being finished reading. Hope that make sense. I have admired Qantas for many years.

Monday March 2, 2009.

Tony Moclair (address withheld)

Just a quick note to say what a fantastic website you have here - ir's a wonderful research tool and invaluable historical resource. Keep it up!

Sunday January 25, 2009.

Meredith Jacobs-Smith. Melbourne, Victoria (address withheld)

As a Flight Attendant for 28 years (T.A.A.; Australian; Qantas) I crewed on all of these B727-76s and the stretch series B727-276s. Thanks for your research!

Sunday January 9, 2009.

Ted Walters. Hanoi, Vietnam (address withheld)

Greetings! I enjoyed going down memory lane when reading the Australian National Airways flight crew list as I joined Ansett-ANA in June 1964. I remember many of the names, having flown with them on DC-3, DC-4, Viscounts and the DC-9 as a First Officer. There are some names there that actually belong on the Ansett-ANA list (which does not appear to be published yet) and not on the A.N.A. list - as they joined Ansett-ANA after I did. However it is good to see these bygone days being remembered.

Sunday October 26, 2008.

Nigel (address withheld)

I stumbled on your website when I was searching Air Niugini photos on Google. I am really impressed and amazed with your website with all the details and histories of aircraft. Please keep up adding and improving your website as I will be a frequent visitor.

Wednesday October 22, 2008.

John Brown. Sydney, N.S.W. (address withheld)

Love the photos - great data.

Saturday October 4, 2008.

Patrick. (address withheld)

Great site - enjoyed looking at all the great photos. I have three photos of VH-BRE 'Pacific Chieftain' taken at Bluff, New Zealand on 27/11/55. One shows the passengers being ferried away from the aircraft on board the pilot launch 'Takitimu'. Must have been one of the charters that you mention.

Sunday July 27, 2008.

Don Horsburgh. Rowville, Victoria, Australia. (address withheld)

I have a lifetime interest (over 50 years) in military and civil aviation in Australia. I found this site by chance while searching for information on the VH-OJK accident. The presentation is excellent and I have just spent a couple of hours going through the info and photographs displayed. Congratulations on a great site. I will be regularly using it as a reference point.

Thursday July 24, 2008.

Chris Frizell. Adelaide, South Australia. (address withheld)

Great site! My late father Capt Peter Frizell flew with ANA and Ansett for 30 odd years, starting in DC-2s and finishing up as a 727 Check Captain. He delivered VH-RMK from Boeing and did his last flight in VH-RMW. He also delivered one of Ansett's first DC-9s as well, but I can't remember which one. I remember sitting in the jump seat on one of his 727s and did about 3 capital cities in a day, at one time in the Captain's seat. Sitting in the cockpit while landing was always a thrill. I am glad to see that someone has taken the time to document this history and its great to see.

Sunday July 5, 2008.

Peter Johnston. Dandenong, Victoria, Australia. (address withheld)

Thanks for setting up a fantastic site. Spent many hours reading and viewing the articles and photos

Wednesday June 25, 2008.

Bruce Robjohns. White Cliffs, N.S.W., Australia. (address withheld)

Great site. Always an aircraft fanatic. Started flying with RFDS in Drovers VH-FDB and FDC. (VH-FDC now in Alice Springs Museum). Also lots of DC-3 flights in earlier days between Broken Hill and Parafield (Adelaide). Keep up the good work!

Tuesday May 20, 2008.

Paul Lucas. Hong Kong. (address withheld)

Such a great website. Lots of great memories here - thanks to all the photographers involved.

Wednesday May 27, 2008.

Dr R. O. James, Rochester, New York, USA. (address withheld)

I was very pleased to find Vickers Viscount VH-TVQ on your site. My father, W.O. James, was the Captain on its delivery flight that simultaneously arrived at Essendon Airport with the TAA Lockheed Electra and Fokker Friendship for an in-line fly-by prior to landing. He later flew Electras and Boeing 727s before retiring. Fantasic site that has wonderful images of these old airliners along with their histories.

Tuesday April 15, 2008.

Robert Hunter, Sydney, N.S.W., Australia. (address withheld)

I very much enjoyed your site. I am especially interested in Australian DC3 (C-47). I enjoyed the photos of VH-DAS, which is in parts in a hippi market at the back of Cairns in north Queensland. Vines and tropical plants are growing through the remaining body.

Thursday March 13, 2008.

Wayne Collins, Sydney, N.S.W., Australia. (address withheld)

This is the site I should have come across years ago. Truly great site. It will be getting some work from me!

Sunday February 24, 2008.

Graham Slingsby, Wagga Wagga, N.S.W., Australia. (address withheld)

Fantastic website. Some absolutely wonderful images. A tremendous blast from the past! I just love the Ansett F-27.

Friday February 22, 2008.

Henk Geerlings, Purmerend, The Netherlands. (address withheld)

Excellent site, nice stories, pictures and info about the Australian carriers.

Sunday November 18, 2007.

Rand Peck, Mont Vernon, NH, U.S.A. (address withheld)

Thanks very much for such a great site. Not only pics but history too!

Saturday May 26, 2007.

Alan Whatman, Melbourne, Victoria. (address withheld)

Bob, congratulations on a wonderful site and the improvements have made it even better. Keep up the good work.

Tuesday May 1, 2007.

Museum of Australian Commercial Aviation, Western Australia

Great site! Very easy to use, amazing collection.

Monday April 30, 2007

Paul Sheehan. Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. (address withheld)

What a great site! I'm writing a book at present on QANTAS aircraft since 1920 and this site has been so helpful in my research! I can't recommend AussieAirliners enough and urge everyone to pass the website details on to all their aviation friends - they'll just love it. Congratulations to Bob, Peter and everyone else associated with it!

Saturday April 28, 2007

David Carter. Albury, N.S.W., Australia. (dcarter2@bigpond.net.au)

Was going to say 'The best Aussie airliner site on the net' but it is the best airliner site, full stop! Haven't found anywhere else where a person can view an individual airliner's history pictorially. The Aussie part is an added bonus.