The Australian Civil Airliner Register



Airbus A300 / A310
Airbus A319 / A320 / A321
Airbus A330
Airbus A380
ATR-42 & ATR-72
Airspeed AS.57 Ambassador
Armstrong Whitworth Argosy
Aviation Traders Carvair
BAe Jetstream
Bristol 170 Freighter
Boeing 707
Boeing 717
Boeing 727
Boeing 737
Boeing 747
Boeing 757
Boeing 767
Boeing 777
Boeing 787
Consolidated Catalina
de Havilland Comet
de Havilland Beaver
de Havilland Otter
de Havilland Drover
de Havilland Dove
de Havilland Heron
de Havilland Caribou
de Havilland Twin Otter
de Havilland DHC-8
Hawker Siddeley HS-125
Hawker Siddeley HS-748
Douglas DC-3
Douglas DC-4
Douglas DC-6
Douglas DC-9
Embraer 110 Bandeirante
Embraer 120 Brasilia
Embraer Jets
Fokker F.27 Friendship
Fokker 50
Fokker F28 Fellowship
Fokker 70 and Fokker 100
Lockheed 10 Electra
Lockheed Hudson
Lockheed Constellation
Lockheed Hercules
Lockheed 188 Electra
Mohawk 298
Piaggio 166
Saab 340
Swearingen Metro
Sikorsky Helicopters
Short Flying Boats
Short Skyvan, S330 & S360
Vickers Viscount