This CD-ROM (digital book) tells you the story of an aircraft that Fokker believed to be a true replacement of the famous Douglas DC-3/C-47 Dakota. Before Fokker delivered the first aircraft the U.S. based Fairchild Company negotiated a production license with Fokker and also began producing the F.27. It was the first Fokker aircraft to be built in the United States since 1932 and the only European transport ever to be built under license in America.

The aircraft was technically ahead of its age. It used advanced technology metal bonding and the Rolls-Royce turboprops were very advanced for their time. And when there was a problem, such as fatigue, Fokker solved it long before the industry did.

The data and photo content on this CD-ROM is in PDF format. The disc contains the following content:

01. Early flight of PH-NIV (video).

02. CD-Rom Introduction

03. F.27 Development

04. F.27 Prototypes

05. F.27 Proposals

06. F.27 Systems

07. F.27 Cockpit Sysyems

08. F.27 Standard Versions

09. F.27 Special Versions - in 2 parts

10. F.27 Production

11. F.27 Production List

12. F.27 Operators - A to Z - in 24 parts

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