About my CD-ROM / eBooks ...


The CD-ROM / eBook is the 21st Century equivalent of the traditionally printed 'paper' book. Not everyone is

interested in embracing this new technology and that's fine.

However those enthusiasts who are 'techno-savy' will appreciate the freedom that the eBook / CD-ROM provides.

My CD-ROMs are similar to the traditional printed book that I offer readers on this web site except that in some cases

there is more data / images on the CD than appears in the traditional paper book.

The data and photo content on each CD-ROM is in PDF format. Once the contents of the CD-ROM are loaded onto your

laptop or iPad you have complete portability.

One great advantage offered by using CD-ROMs is that each one costs far less than the traditional printed book.

As time permits more eBooks will be written and offered to you.