PK-ADB. Douglas DC-5-511. c/n 428.

One of nine aircraft ordered new by British Airways Ltd - August 30, 1939

Douglas DC-5 fleet was intended to be used mainly on the London-Berlin route

Allocated the British Aircraft Registration G-AFYM - August 30, 1939

British Airways instructed to cancel this order by the British Air Ministry

Allocated registration marks cancelled - September 14, 1939

K.L.M. had placed an order with Douglas for DC-5s - January 13, 1939

This airframe was transferred to the K.L.M. order

Entered onto the Dutch Aircraft Register as PK-AXE - May 22, 1939

Due to the growing war situation in Europe delivery of this aircraft was transferred to K.N.I.L.M.

Aircraft was reregistered as PK-ADB

Departed San Pedro, California as deck cargo on freighter S.S. Silverwood - July 24, 1940

Aircraft was named 'Eend' (duck)

Arrived Sydney at conclusion of a goodwill flight from Batavia - April 30, 1941

Flight crew: Capts G. van Messell, T. Reyers

This marked the official opening of K.N.I.L.M.'s office in Sydney

This was also the first commercially operated nose-wheeled aircraft to visit Australia

Performed demonstration flights from Melbourne's Essendon Airport - May 3, 1941

K.N.I.L.M. suspended Australian services due to the Japanese invasion of Dutch East Indies - February 15, 1942

Flown to Bandoeng-Darwin carrying evacuees - March 2, 1942

Ferried Darwin-Sydney where it cleared Customs - March 4, 1942

Offered to the Commonwealth of Australia by K.N.I.L.M. for 5 Pounds Australian - March 19, 1942

Cancelled from the Dutch Aircraft Register - March 28, 1942

Under instruction from General MacArthur all ex K.L.M. and K.N.I.L.M. aircraft in Australia were to be

taken-over by the U.S.A.A.F. as he didn't want a major part of the air transport fleet privately owned

MacArthur instructed that logistical support (including 100 cases of spare parts) be cut off to KNILM

This action effectively forced KNILM to sell their aircraft to the U.S.A.A.F.

Under the terms of this sale this aircraft had to be test flown before delivery

KNILM maintenance crews agreed to have all aircraft ready for a simultaneous test flight

Aircraft was a part of the 10 aircraft formation that was test flown over Sydney Harbour - May 14, 1942

Allocated the radio call-sign 'VHCXA'

Issued to USAAF 21st Transport Squadron, 5th Air Force at Archerfield - May 20, 1942

Transferred to the Allied Directorate of Air Transport (ADAT) - July 1942

A.N.A. air crews operated all three of the ADAT Douglas DC-5s

Damaged by enemy action at Wards Strip, Port Moresby - August 17, 1942

Useful parts were transferred to Archerfield to support the remain DC-5 fleet

Allocated the USAAF serial number 44-83230 as a book keeping exercise - March 17, 1945

Written off and remains scrapped at Wards Strip, Port Moresby

PK-ADB. K.L.I.N.M. - in the full livery, location and date unknown.