Holyman Bros - Holyman's Airways - Flight Crew List.

† Denotes killed in the line of duty

Barlow, Alexander A. 'Alec'
Previously operated joy flights around St Kilda. Joined company 1935
Bayne, Alex
Senior Pilot
Betts, Ernest G.
Radio Operator with A.W.A.
Brown, Maxwell
Joined company in 1935. Killed in crash of DH-86 VH-URT 2/10/35
Ditchburn, Desmond A.
Joined company 1935
Evans, Arthur N.
Killed in the crash of DH-86 VH-URT 2/10/1935
Field, N. K.
Tranee pilot
Francis, Joseph. 'Joe'
Ex R.F.C. Flying Manager, Launceston, Tasmania
Frewin, Kenneth M. 'Ken'
Senior Pilot
Gibbes, Peter J.
Joined company 1935. Youngest Captain to be appointed. Paid weekly wage of $7.86. Flew with A.N.A. and later ANSETT-ANA
Heath, William P.
First Officer
Holyman, Victor C.
Co-founder of company. Killed in crash of DH-86 VH-URN 19/10/1934
Jenkins, Gilbert E. M.
Killed in crash of DH-86 VH-URN 19/10/1934
Johnson, Lawrence M.
Previously with Tasmanian Aerial Services. Later flew with A.N.A.
McMaster, Donald
Joined company 1935
Patterson, Frederick T.
Previously instructor with Victorian Aero Club at Bendigo. Senior Pilot
Presgrave, John M.
Joined company 8/1936 as an 'apprentice pilot'. Flew DH-86s, DH-89s and DC-2s. Transferred to A.N.A. 11/1936
Saville, Don
Ex R.A.F. and Tasmanian Aero Club Instructor. Joined company 1936
Scott, Clarence H.
Taylor, Percival T. L. 'Squizzy' or 'Lyn'
Previously with Thomas Nettleford & Co., Tasmanian Airways. Joined company 10/1934. Based in Hobart and flew DH-84s, DH-89s, DH-86s and DC-2s. Senior Pilot. Later flew with A.N.A. and Ansett Airways