Gibbes Sepik Airways - Flight Crew List.

† Denotes killed in the line of duty

Bell, Robert I.
Endorsed on Noorduyn Norseman
Bennett, Ivan
Previously with A.N.A. and Ansett-ANA Endorsed on Junkers Ju52/3m. Transferred to Mandated Airlines in 1958 and later Ansett-MAL
Brealey, Bruce
Briggs, Thomas 'Tommy'
Endorsed on Austers
Chadim, Anthony V.
Clare, Alfred W. B. 'Alf'
Endorsed on Austers and Noorduyn Norseman
Cooper, Gary G.
Previously with the R.F.D.S. Joined company in 1957. Resigned in 1960 having flown 3,500 hours to join R.A.A.F.
Davenport, J. K.
Mainly flew Noorduyn Norsemen and Junkers JU52/3Ms. Resigned to later join Canadian Pacific Airlines and QANTAS
Dawe, John K.
Endorsed on Austers. Resigned in 1951 to join T.A.A.
de Forest, Ronald A. 'Ron'
Endorsed on Noorduyn Norseman. Killed in the crash of Norseman VH-GSA 8/7/1958
Downie, John
Later flew with M.A.L. and Ansett-MAL and A.A.P.N.G.
Flanagan, Peter
Gibbes, Robert H. M. 'Bobby'
Founder of the airline. Endorsed on Noorduyn Norseman and Junkers Ju52/3ms. Passed away 11/4/2007
Gleeson, Desmond J.
Killed in the crash of Norseman VH-GSC 15/12/1960
Goosens, Fernand J. 'Frank'
Endorsed on Noorduyn Norseman
Graham, Patricia
Joined company 5/1952 as the first femail commercial pilot in Papua New Guinea. Initially flew as First Officer on Lockheed l-18s and was later Captain on Norseman
Gray, Robin
Endorsed on Noorduyn Norseman
Green, John
Lumme, Tom
Endorsed on Noorduyn Norseman
Lusk, Percy
Manser, Peter
Endorsed on Austers and Noorduyn Norseman. Captain on Junker Ju52/3ms
Marriott, Ted
Matus, Mat
McDermott, John
Endorsed on Noorduyn Norseman
Mossman, Alan A.
Endorsed on Austers
Nisbet, Adrian
Oldcastle, Wallace 'Wally'
Ex R.A.A.F. Joined company in 1951. Resigned in 1952 to join charter airline Skyways (London) Ltd. Later flew with Guinea Airways and Ansett
Pilling, Ronald K.
Shaw, Roy 'Dick'
Senior Pilot at Wewak
Sutcliffe, John
Tainton, Eric B. 'Pat'
Thompson, Freda
Flew 3 trips as a co-pilot in 1952
Ticehurst, William T.
Joined company in 1957. Transferred to ANSETT-MAL when company was sold
Toole, C. P. (nee Graham), Mrs
Endorsed to fly Austers
Tschuchnigg, Heliodor 'Helly'
Endorsedcon Noorduyn Norseman
Walker, Brian R. 'Blackjack'
Wells, John
Wiza, Francis 'Frank'
Ex R.A.F. (Polish Squadron) Flew migrant charters for New Holland Airways. Delivered Loadstar VH-FAC. Flew VH-FAC for crash aircraft VH-GSA
Zuydam, Rinus
Chief Pilot