Mandated Airlines - Ansett-M.A.L. -

Ansett Airlines of Papua New Guinea - Flight Crew List.

† Denotes killed in the line of duty

Aldridge, Maurice
Endorsed on Cessna 336s. Killed in the crash of VH-CMQ on 6/8/1966
Bates, Bryan Dinshire
Bayles, John
Previously with Territory Airlines. Joined the company in 1960. Endorsed on Noorduyn Norseman
Bennett, Ivan
Previously flew with A.N.A., ANSETT-ANA and Gibbes Sepik. Reportedly joined the company in 1958. Transferred to ANSETT-MAL as Captain on Bristol Freighters. Left to join Forrester Stephen Commuter Airlines in Melbourne in 1968
Bernard, Clive Robert
Previously W. R. Carpenter Aerial Service
Bigg, Gordon
Check Captain and Chief Pilot. Assistant Operations Manager 1967
Birch, Hugh Milton
Previously flew with Island Airways
Bovelt, Allan 'Al'
First Officer on DC-3s
Bryce, Frederick Thomas ‘Fred’
Burt, Richard Cecil Turner ‘Dick’
Captain on DH-84 and Lockheed Hudsons
Campbell, Colin ‘Col’
Ex R.A.A.F. Joined ANSETT-MAL Mainly flew light aircraft based at Madang but later flew DC-3, DHC-4 Caribou and F.27s. Transferred to Ansett Airlines of Australia in 1973
Campbell, David Donald Ian
Ex R.A.A.F. Previously flew with M.M.A. Joined Mandated Airlines 12/1955. Became Operations Manager. Transferred to Ansett
Carpenter, Brian
Previously flew with W. R. Carpenter Aerial Service as Manager / Pilot
Clark, William 'Bill'
Captain on DH-84s
Clarke, Ernest
Clarke, George John Isaiah
Previously flew with W. R. Carpenter Aerial Service
Collins, Arthur T.
Cooper, Keith
Captain on DC-3s
Corney, Russell J. ‘Russ’
Joined ANSETT-MAL 25/10/1965 flying DC-3s and later DHC-4 Caribou as First Officer. First Officer on F.27s 12/1968. Promoted to DC-3 Captain 8/1970. Flight and Check Captain DC-3 and F.27s. Seconded to Air Niugini 11/1973 to 10/1974 as Flight and Check Captain on DC-3s. Transferred to Ansett Airlines of Australia 11/1974
Crisp, Elwyn Derek ‘Joss’
Previously flew with W.R. Carpenter Aerial Service
Crisp, J.
Cuthbertson, R.
Davis, James ‘Jim’
Captain on DH-84s
Davis, Les
Chief Check Captain on DH-104s
Deegan, Thomas G. ‘Tom’
Chief Pilot and Flight Superintendent. Retired in 1970 having flown some 20,000 hours
Devenish-Meares, R.
Ditton, Edward W.
Downie, John
Previously flew with Gibbes Sepik Airways. Captain on DC-3 and DHC-4A Caribou. Spent 11 years with the company
Doyle, Ronald Ernest ‘Ron’
Killed in the crash of DH-84 VH-URW on 30/1/1940
Drew, Ashwell M. ‘Mac’
Ex R.A.A.F., T.A.A. (1960) and Crowley Airways (1964). Training Captain on DHC-6 Twin Otter. Transferred to Ansett mid 1960s as First Officer on F.27s
Elphinstone, Douglas M. ‘Doug’
Chief Pilot. General Manager in early 1950s
Ericson, Ronald 'Ron'
Everingham, Brian
Fader, Norman D. 'Norm'
Endorsed on DH-83s
Ferguson, C.
Previously flew with W. R. Carpenter Aerial Service
Flude, Gerald A. ‘Gerry’
Chief Training Pilot for Light Aircraft Division. Endorsed on Aermacchi AL-64 Santa Maria. Transferred to Ansett
Forgan-Smith, William 'Bill'
Senior Regional Captain based at Port Moresby
Forsythe, Donald 'Don'
First Officer
Frenck, Gerd
Gibbes, Robert Henry Maxwell ‘Bobby’
Previously flew with Gibbes Sepik Airways. Captain on Lockheed Hudsons
Gibson-Lee, Harold
Killed in the crash of Lockheed Lodestar VH-BDN on 25/3/1950
Glassey, G. A.
Glassey, Richard S. ‘Dick’
Previously flew with Adastra Aerial Surveys. Chief Pilot. Manager of Light Aircraft Division from April 1965. When Light Aircraft Division was sold in 1967 he returned to the position of Chief Pilot. Transferred to Ansett
Glassey, S. D.
Captain on DHC-4A Caribou
Gleeson, Desmond
Endorsed on Noorduyn Norseman
Gracey, W.
Gray, Dennis C.
Previously flew with Patair. Intergrated into Ansett Airlines of Papua New Guinea in 1970 as First Officer on DC-3s. Transferred to Ansett Australia in 1973
Gray, William Thomas
Previously flew with Pacific Aerial Transport. Endorsed on DH-83s
Hall, Geoffrey Aitken
Hall, R.
Hargreaves, Neville K.
Harris, Raymond 'Ray'
Captain on DH-104 and DC-3s
Hay, Robert S. 'Bob'
Joined the company 15/6/1959.Senior Regional Captain based at Rabaul
Hindwood, Harold
Manager from June 1952
Horlock, Ronald 'Ron'
Senior Pilot
Jackson, J. G.
Jackson, Kenneth Garth 'Ken'
Previously flew with W. R. Carpenter Aerial Service. Resigned to join QANTAS
Jaensch, Ronald
Endorsed on Dornier DO27H-2
Jenkins, John M.
Captain on DH-84s
Johns, William ‘Bill’
Training Captain. Captain on DHC-4A Caribou. Later flew with Air Niugini
Jones, Noel
Transferred to Ansett 9/1961. First Officer on DC-3s. Retrenched 4/1962
Keag, E. Neil
Joined the company 20/3/1961
Keane, Kenneth B. 'Ken'
Joined the company in 1966. Transferred to Ansett 14/8/1967
Kehl, Herbert 'Herbie'
Captain in the Light Aircraft Division
Kensett, Robert 'Bob'
Kessey, John William
Previously flew with R.A.A.F., TAA. and BCPA. Was a part time pilot with South Coast Airlines and Butler Air Transport. Joined Ansett-MAL in June 1961. Captain on DC-3, Bristol 170 Freighter, DHC-4A Caribou and F.27a. Retired early 1980’s
Keys, Graham
Keys, Howard
Keys, Robert 'Bob' or 'Buncha'
Kollar, Frank
Joined the company 30/11/1964. Transferred to Ansett
Laune, K. C. 'Kay'
Joined the company 18/3/1963
Laurent, John F.
Joined the company 2/2/1965
Layther, N.
Captain on DH-84s
Lomas, Paul H.
Joined ANSETT-MAL early 1964. Endorsed on DC-3s 112/5/1964. Endoresed on Bristol 170 Freighters 28/10/1964. Held dual endorsements on both types as a First Officer. Transferred to ANSETT-ANA 12/12/1966
Lumme, T.
Captain on DH-84s
Maguire, Robert 'Bob'
First Officer. Transferred to Ansett
Mangano, Salvatore Gaetano
Killed in the crash of Cessna 170 VH-BVB on 17/10/1961 at Nabawa, New Guinea
Manser, Peter
Previously flew with Gibbes Sepik Airways. Check Captain on Noorduyn Norseman
Mant, Richard Outram ‘Dick’
Previously flew with W. R. Carpenter Aerial Service
Maskelyne, Jasper
First Officer on DC-3s in 1964
Mather, Michael V. 'Mike'
Matthews, Brian E.
Joined the company 31/10/1967 as a Captain
McDermott, John
Captain on Bristol 170 Freighters
McGee, M.
McGilivrey, Harry Donald Lionel
McMillan, James
McWilliam, A.
Miles, David
Flew with AAPNG. Transferred to Air Niugini, Air Queensland and later Newman Air and Ansett New Zealand
Moss, Lloyd A.
Joined the company 16/8/1963
Moylan, Michael D. 'Mike'
Resigned to fly with T.A.A.
Mullan, Keith
Captain on DC-3s
Murtagh, Leon Francis
Previously flew with Patair. Joined the company 16/7/1963. Transferred to Ansett
Myers, A. J.
Endorsed on DH-83s
Nagle, Victor 'Vic'
Nicholls, E. R.
Oakley, Reginald 'Reg'
Oehms, Laurence Ross
Parkinson, G. C.
Parsons, Norman ‘Norm’
Joined Ansett-MAL in 1964. Resigned early 1966 to fly with Schreiner Airways
Passlow, William Ernest
Pawlawicz, Walter 'Wally'
Captain on DC-3s
Peacock, Noel
Joined the company in 1951. First Officer on DC-3s. Resigned in 1952 to fly with Talair
Perry, James K. 'Jim' or 'Lemon Drop Kid'
Mandated Pilot. Check Captain on DH.104 Dove. Captain on DC-3s. Resigned 10/1955. Returned to M.A.L. 12/1957. Later flew with Ansett Airlines of Australia
Petrie, Ross A.
First Officer. Later flew with Patair, Southern Airlines and Ansett
Poynton, John W.
Joined the company 5/7/1965
Rayner, P.
Regan, John
Senior Regional Captain based at Madang
Rerecich, David B. 'Barry'
Previously flew with Connellan Airways. Joined ANSETT-MAL. Later flew with Airlines of South Australia and Ansett
Rhodin, James 'Jim'
Captain on DC-3s
Rigg, Michael T.
Later flew with East West Airlines
Ritchie, Bertram 'Bert'
Previously flew with W. R. Carpenter Aerial Service
Robertson, David I. 'Dave'
Previously flew with Madang Air Services. Manager at Madang in 1950s
Robins, William J.
Rodgers, William 'Bill'
Joined the company in 1965 as a First Officer. Promoted to Captain - date unknown. Flew DC-3s, DHC-4A Caribou and F.27s. Transferred to Ansett Airlines of Australia in 1974 and was based in Cairns
Rogers, Barry
Rondorf, Harold
Endorsed on Cessna 336s
Rose, John 'Johnny'
Captain on DH-84s
Rowe, J.
Previously flew with Island Airways
Rumney, Don
Schmidt, Gregory 'Greg'
First Officer
Shannon, Malcolm 'Mal'
Shannon. W. N.
Joined the company 14/8/1961
Shaw, Roy
Check Captain on Noorduyn Norseman
Smith, E.
Smith, Frank
Previously flew with Madang Air Services
Smith, Victor 'Vic'
Spiers, John W.
Ex R.A.F. WWII Lancaster pilot. Previously flew with Guinea Air Traders (3/1947). Joined Mandated in 1947. Captain on DH-84s. Involved in the loss of DH-84 VH-AKX on 12/5/1948. Resigned to fly with QANTAS in New Guinea. Killed in the crash of QANTAS DHA-3 Drover VH-EBQ at Lae 16/7/1951
Stammer, Maurice F. J. 'Jack'
Ex R.A.A.F. WWII Spitfire & Kittyhawk pilot. Previously flew with Taylors Air Transport, Guinea Air Traders and Mandated Airlines. Captain on DH-104s. Resigned in 1952 from Mandated to join QANTAS
Stephens, Colin W. 'Col'
Stephenson, E. J.
Previously flew with W. R. Carpenter Aerial Services
Sutcliffe, John
Sutcliffe, E. S. 'Sutty'
Previously flew with W.A.A., Holdens Air Transport and W. R. Carpenter Aerial Services
Swinton, J.
Tapsall, Douglas G. 'Doug'
Captain on DH-84s. Endorsed on Noorduyn Norseman
Ticehurst, William Thomas
Previously flew with Gibbes Sepik Airways. Norseman Check & Training Captain, later Operations Manager of the Light Aircraft Division. Became Captain on DC-3. Resigned in 1967 to join Air Express.
Tyers, Peter D.
Later flew with Ansett
Wake, Leigh
First Officer
Wicks, G.
Wills, D.
Wormald, Ross
First Officer

The original list was compiled by Gil White with later additions by Fred Niven