Ansett Airlines of Australia Air Cargo - Ansett Air Freight -

Ansett Australia Cargo - Flight Crew List.

Antoniou, Anthony
Bradford, Brett W.
Brook, James 'Jimmy'
Contract pilot for 727 freight services Sydney-Auckland
Currey, David A.
Dalrymple, Neil
Heydon, Terrence J. 'Terry'
Inglis, Graham A.
Klapp, Michael V. 'Mike'
Previously with Ansett W.A. Transferred 8/1989. First Officer BAe146s. Transferred back to Ansett W.A. 1/1990
Lindsay, Rob A.
Lloyd, Grant W.
Marsh-Booth, Marilyn S. A.
Previously with Dan-Air London
Parusel, Michael C. 'Mike'
Joined as First Officer on L-188AFs 9/1990. Became Captain 12/1990
Virtue, Peter K.
Ex Ansett. Served 6.5 years with A.A.F. on Electras
Webb, Mark
First Officer BAe146QT. Transferred back to Ansett W.A.
Young, R. A.