ANSETT-ANA Helicopters - Flight Crew List.

Bennett, Richard L.
Transferred to Ansett W.A. F28s
Clay, Phillip 'Phil'
Domey, Richard P.
Fairhurst, David A.
Previously Chief Pilot for Channel 10 Melbourne. Joined early 1982. First Officer S-61N 12/1981. Also flew with Airlines of N.S.W.
Ferguson, James 'Jim'
Ferguson, Keith
Holyman, Dare M. 'Max'
Previously flew fixed wing aircraft with A.N.A. Manager of Helicopter Operations. Retired in 1978 having flown over 17,800 hours
Jones, Roy
Ex A.N.A. Check Captain Bell 47s and S-61Ns. Later flew A320s with Ansett
Kennedy, Edward 'Ted'
Transferred to Ansett to fly Electras
Lowe, Arthur
McMillan, N.
Killed in the crash of Bell 47 VH-INR 13/3/1960
Newell, Darcy
Flew the Melbourne Yarra River Heliport service
Newman, Ronald 'Ron'
Previously LAME. Joined Ansett Helicopter Division as a LAME in 1961. Became a helicopter pilot in 1968
Pain, John C. 'Cal'
Ex R.A.N. and R.A.A.F. Joined ANSETT-ANA Helicopter Division 11/1960. Flew Melbourne Yarra River Heliport service. Was Sir Reg Ansett's helicopter pilot for many years. Later flew S-61Ns based at Proserpine. Transferred to fixed wing division 3/8/1980
Pryde, Andrew D.
Saw, Brian
Stanton, Paul
Flight Management Captain, Helicopters
Stanwix, John
Tingey, Robert C. 'Rob'
Previously with Bristow Helicopters. Joined company 1982. Also flew with Ansett. First Officer S-61Ns 6/12/1981
Ward, C.
Yeates, Lance
Transferred to Ansett on F.27s 20/11/1981