Airlines (W.A.) Ltd - Flight Crew List.

† Denotes killed in the line of duty

Beer, Kenneth
Ex R.A.A.F. DH-104 pilot
Bird, John P.
Joined company 22/3/1954. Transferred to M.M.A. on merger
Boulden, William 'Bill'
Bower, Ralph E.
Part time pilot. Purchased Anson VH-AGX
Brady, Francis A. 'Frank'
Ex R.A.A.F. Joined company 14/11/1948. Resigned to join M.M.A. in 1953
Brindley, Raymond 'Ray'
Captain in 1955
Butterworth, Ronald K. 'Ron'
Flew for the airline as a part-time pilot from 1938 mainly on weekends. Flew at least Anson VH-BXV in dingo baiting flights with Frank Properjohn
Casson, John H.
Joined company 1/1950. Flew Ansons and DH-104s including developmental services. Resigned to join M.M.A. in 1954
Cook, Colin
Dorrington, Brian
Goddard, Sidney J. 'Syd'
Father of Merton Goddard. Ex R.A.A.F. Chief instructor at Royal Aero Club of W.A. Transferred to M.M.A. in 1948
Hickson, Robert H. 'Bob'
Joined company 1/1937 as a replacement pilot for Alec Whitham. First Airlines W.A. pilot to fly the DH-84. Left company to fly with Guinea Airways in 1939. Later flew with W.R. Carpenter Airlines and Union Airways in New Zealand. Joined the R.A.A.F. and later QANTAS. Rejoined Airlines W.A. 3/1948
Hill, Charles N. 'Nelson'
ex R.A.A.F. and A.N.A. Joined the company 17/7/1948. Flew DH-82 VH-ARU on dingo baiting flights. Later a captain on Ansons. With Ken Beer he was one of the first pilots to train on the DH-104. Became the Chief Pilot 3/1948. Resigned to join M.M.A.
Hood, Charles M. 'Robin'
Ex R.A.F. Killed in the crash of DH-104 VH-AQO 15/10/1951
Ingham, James 'Jim'
Lovat, Richard 'Foxy' or 'Silver Fox'
Joined company 1/10/1951. Transferred to M.M.A. on merger
James, V. 'Viv'
Was the third pilot employed after C.W. Snook and F. Townsend
Legh, P. P.
Ex Royal Navy pilot
McCulloch, Keith
Ex R.A.F. Joined the company 17/3/1947. Captain Flew at least DH-104s. Transferred to M.M.A. on merger
Meadows, George J.
Ex R.A.A.F. Joined the company 1948. Flew at least Ansons. Resigned to join NM.M.A. in 1954
Moore, John H.
Joined the company in 1937. Chief Pilot and Director. Flew part time. Retired in 3/1948 and was replaced as Chief Pilot by Nelson Hill
Pearce, E. John
Ex A.N.A.
Properjohn, Francis I. 'Frank'
Resigned to join M.M.A. in 1951. Flew at least Avro Ansons on dingo baiting flights
Smith, Glynn M. 'Glynn'
Joined the R.A.A.F. in 1939. Became an instructor at Geraldton 1941 - 1944. Seconded to Airlines (W.A.) late February 1944. To Aerial Surveys Ltd in late 1947 as Chief Pilot. Joined M.M.A. in late 1949
Snook, Charles W.
Founder of the airline and its first pilot. Ex R.F.C. and Western Air Services (1930); Wings Ltd (Managing Director and Chief Pilot); Air Taxis Perth (Chief Pilot); School of Aviation, Marylands from 1931 to 1933; Western Mining Corp 1933 - 1934 (Chief Pilot)
Stewart, Douglas A. 'Ken'
Ex R.A.A.F. Joined the company 10/1954. Transferred to M.M.A. on merger in 1955
Taylor, Frank
Townsend, F.
Was the airline's second pilot. Was replaced by Viv James. Also flew with Holdens and Guinea Airways
Watts, Ross S.
Ex R.A.A.F. 1941. Joined the company 15/2/1946. Initially flew DH-90 Dragonfly and progress to DH-89 Dragon Rapides. Seconded to W.A. Department of Agriculture for aerial baiting of dingos. Resigned to join A.N.A. in 1948. Rejoined the company 23/5/1951 and later flew DH-104s Transferred to M.M.A. on merger 1/10/1955
Wheatley, Howard
Ex R.A.A.F. Joined the company 10/1944. After January 1946 he flew part time and continued to do so until 1955
Whisson, John G.
Transferred to M.M.A. on merger 1/10/1955
Whitham, Alexander L. A. 'Alec'
Previosly with Goldfields Airways from 1934 - 1935. Joined the company 7/1936 but left 31/1/1937 to join M.M.A.
Williams, John
Ex R.A.A.F.