Aeropelican - Flight Crew List.

Alexander, Evan

Batcheldor, Noel B.
Black, Keith.
Bland, D.
Campaign, Nicholas 'Nick'
Resigned to join QANTAS
Carew, Andrew
Also flew with Air Vanuatu
Casey, Richard
Chapman, R.
Chuntle, Justin
Later flew with Cathay Pacific
Clinton, David
Fleck, H.
Hilder, Dalkeith L
Founder of the airline
Hunt, Gavin
Later flew with Virgin Blue
Hunt, Michael
Chief Pilot
Johnston, Kenneth 'Kenny'
Kubank, G.
Larder, J.
Lowery, F.
Magin, C.
Maatsoo, Lisa
Mantell, Ryan
Also flew with Cathay Pacific
Murray, G.
Nalley, D.
O'Malley, Michael 'Mike'
Pennycuick, Ian K.
Left the airline to join Ansett Australia
Perkins, Greg
Later flew with Qantas
Playford, Jeff
Purdon, Christian
Read, Malcolm
Chief Pilot
Schafer, P. J.
Left the airline to join Ansett
Scott, G.
Simpson, Mark
Smith, Warren
Chief Pilot
Snowball, Darren
Trained at the BAe Training Facility at Tamworth 4/1996 - 6/1997 as an Ansett cadet pilot. Joined the company 1/1998. First Officer on DHC-6. Transferred to Ansett 6/2001
Stewart, Ralph
Chief Pilot
Tait, Geoffrey 'Geoff'
Transferred to Ansett
Tate, Matt
Tsousis, A.
Western, Trevor
Chief Pilot
Weston, Stuart R.
Chief Pilot. Later flew with Ansett
White, M.