Adastra Airways - Flight Crew List.

Batho, John
Beale, Bruce
Bland, David
Bowles, Wal
Braund, Frederick C.
Also flew with East West Airlines
Brennan, David
Bruchhauser, Neville J.
Clarke, ?
Clutchfield, G.
Collibee, Ernest V.
Cooper, Kenneth J.
Costello, Brian
Follett, Frank W.
Co-founder of company and Managing Director
Garriock, Alex W.
Seconded on 3 months contract from Ansett Airlines of N.S.W. Also flew with A.N.A. and ANSETT-ANA
Garroway, Max
Geary, Richard
Glassey, G. A.
Glassey, Richard S.
To M.A.L. in 1953
Gordon, Robert
Gregory, Bruce
Hammond, Henry T. 'Bunny'
Co-founder of company and Managing Director
Hampshire, John
Ex R.A.A.F. and QANTAS
Hay, Bill
Head, Jack
Henry, C. C. 'Hank'
Also flew with Butler Air Transport and Ansett Airways
Henshell, Colin
Howard, Jack
Linfoot, Joe
Love, Bob
Lymath, Len
MacNiell, Ian
McGrath, Brian
McInnes, Neil
Magee, Mike
Marty, Bob
Minjoy, Frank
Mitchell, F. R.
Motteram, Allan
Nettleship, Gordon
Pearce, Ronald 'Ron'
Reid, R.
Rodoni, Norm
Rowlands, Kenneth 'Ken'
Rowston, Robert
Shepherd, Beverley
Smee, George
Smith, Phil
Stevens, Phil
Taylor, L.
van Gelederen, Philip
van Praag, Lionel
Ex R.A.A.F. Flew for many companies including Guinea Air Traders, Fawcett Aviation, Marshall Airways and Arial Agriculture Pty Ltd. Later flew with South Coast Airways
Walker, Alan
Whitford, J. R.