Great Aviation Calendars For Sale ...


AussieAirliners has released a unique range of aviation related calendars for enthusiasts.

Each calendar measures 330 mm x 260 mm (33 x 26 cm) - that is larger than an A4 sheet of paper - and features

13 great images arranged around a specific theme.

Each monthly image is suitable for framing with its accompanying caption.

The image on the 12 monthly pages take up the full page with its caption while the calendar cover

image is 330 x 190 mm (33 x 19 cm) but does not have a descriptive caption.


The AussieAirliners calendars are printed to specific orders only. The sale price for each calendar

is $AUD 35.00 (this does not include postage costs). Your calendar is printed in Japan by Apple Print

Services and then shipped directly to you by DHL Couriers. Once your order has been received and

paid for in full it will usually take around 15 working days to receive your calendar.


International customers cannot have their calendars mailed directly to them by Apple Print Services.

Your calendar order is sent to me for onward posting. Overseas customers will have their calendars

shipped to them using Insured Surface Mail unless you are prepared to pay a premium rate to have it

shipped via Air Mail.


In weighing the cost of each calendar, please bear in mind that:

1 - over 25% of the cost on each calendar is taken up with G.S.T. and shipping charges;

2 - no Australian printer is prepared to print single calendars. While they can replicate the quality

standards and this size they will only print a minimum of 150 calendars at a time.

3 - no where else are you be able to acquire such unique high quality images of great

Australian airliners for around $AUD 3.00 per image!

4 - you are purchasing a top quality product as cheaply as I can have it produced.


More calendar themes will be added as time permits. Although the calendar images show 2012 they will

be printed to the current calendar year.