Postal Rates On These Photobooks ...


All Customers - Please Read Carefully And Note


Book delivery:

Each book will be delivered to the purchaser directly from the printer. The company that does the printing of these books is located in Japan. The reason for this is that NO Australian printing firm is prepared to print these books to the standard I desire or the low unit cost per book that I am charging UNLESS a print run of 250 units per book is ordered. Such a situation is not economical as I have no way of knowing beforehand how many books are going to be sold!

The printing company use a courier to deliver each book to the buyer. The courier will only deliver to a STREET ADDRESS - not a Post Office Box address. If no one is home when the courier delivers the book to the nominated address they will contact you directly to organise another delivery date / time. All books must be signed for on delivery.

Unfortunately the printing company will not send the book order directly to another country. It must first be delivered to me in Australia for onward shipping. As a result of the international postal rates set by Australia Post it is not economical to send these books to overseas countries. However if you are an overseas enthusiast who is really interested in acquiring these books then I can make enquiries as to how much it will cost to forward the book to you.

Postal Costs - Australian Buyers Only:

The postal cost per book for Australian customers is: $AUD 12.00