About 'First Of Type' Photobooks ...


These traditional photobooks are of a standard size - soft cover and measuring 20.5 x 15 cm. Each has a maximum of 32 pages. They are printed on top quality paper. These books are not mass produced but are printed to a specific order only. Each book is individually numbered and has the buyer's name printed on the back cover when it is ordered thus ensuring its exclusivity.

Each photobook deals with a specific aircraft. A 'First of Type' book refers to a particular aircraft that was the first of its type to be built or acquired for a particular airline.

An 'Aircraft Specific' book refers to an individual aircraft that has no specific claim to fame but has been written because I wanted to write it for my own enjoyment.

Each book has a number of text pages that explains the history of that particular airframe or aircraft type, followed by a selection of photos that depict the aircraft in the various liveries it wore, not only whilst operating in Australia but also its pre / post Australian service. Where possible the images are set to take up the full page. Some of the images used in these books are very unique.

Some of thess books have been written to support the model making enthusiasts who have asked for a book detailing the history of a particular model aircraft residing in their collection.