ZK-NZE. Boeing 787-9. (c/n 34334-169)




ZK-NZE. Air New Zealand - in the black livery at Auckland Airport, July 25, 2014.

(M. Cranston Copyright Image 4681-008.)

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ZK-NZE. Air New Zealand - in the black livery at Perth Airport, October 06, 2014.

(M. Lynam Copyright Image 4681-006.)

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Built by the Boeing Aircraft Company, Everett, Washington, USA.

  This was the third Boeing 787-9 built by Boeing - ex ZB003
23 Apr 2013 Entered onto the United States Aircraft Register
  Allocated the test registration N789ZB.
  Registered to the Boeing Company, Renton, Washington

24 Jan 2014

Assembly commenced at Everett, Washington

05 Mar 2014 Rolled out at Everett, Washington
06 Apr 2014 Officially rolled out by Boeing in the full Air New Zealand black livery

as ZK-NZE at Paine Field, Seattle

19 May 2014 Initial engine run was carried out at Paine Field
22 May 2014

Observed with the Boeing test registration 'N1012N' taped over the New

  Zealand registration markings
22 May 2014 Scheduled for first flight but taxying tests were carried out instead

28 May 2014

First flown as N1012N from Paine Field, Washington

  Test flight was from Paine Field to Grant County Airport, Moses Lake


and return to Paine Field

30 Jun 2014 ZK-NZE contractually handed over to Air New Zealand at Everett
01 Jul 2014 Entered onto the New Zealand Aircraft Register as ZK-NZE
  Registered to Air New Zealand Limited, Auckland, NZ
08 Jul 2014

Official handed over to Air New Zealand at ceremony carried out at Everett

  Air New Zealand was the launch customer and first airline in the world to
  take delivery of a Boeing 787-9
10 Jul 2014 Departed Paine Field at 07:55 U.S. Pacific Daylight Saving Time on the non-
  stop delivery flight to Auckland as flight NZ6789.
  The departure from Paine field was conducted by the Pilot in Command
  Captain Mark Mullins (Senior 787 Instructor) in the right hand seat,

and Captain Duncan McLean (Training Manager 787) in the left hand seat

11 Jul 2014       

Aircraft arrived at Auckland at 16:22 N.Z. Standard Time

  The elapsed flight time was 13 hours 27 minutes
  The landing at Auckland was carried out by Captain David Morgan (Chief
  Flight Operations and Safety Officer and Chief Pilot of Air New Zealand) in
  the left-hand seat with Captain Philip Kirk (787 Technical Pilot) in the right
  hand seat
25 Jul 2014 Operated a pre-introduction flight Auckland - Sydney - Auckland as Flight
  NZ6021 / 6022.
28 Jul 2014

Operated Auckland - Ohakea - Auckland as Flight NZ6023 / 6024 as part of

  its certification process and to test procedures at an airport designated as an
31 Jul 2014 Operated first Air New Zealand revenue service as NZ103 / 104 Auckland -

Sydney - Auckland