YI-ALM. Boeing 747SP-7O. c/n 22858-567.


The penultimate Boeing 747SP was constructed from the outset as a V.I.P. aircraft. Ordered by Iraqi Airways in 1981 it was the forty-fourth 747SP built. Rolled out of the Boeing plant at Everett on July 07, 1982 it was powered by Pratt & Whitney JT9D-7FW engines. Entered onto the Iraq Aircraft Register as YI-ALM it flew for the first time on August 02, 1982. Accepted by the Iraqi Government representatives at Paine Field on August 30, 1982 it was named 'Al Qadisslya'.


Being a V.I.P. aircraft it was fitted with a stateroom, conference room and a lounge with sleeper seats. Although painted in the standard Iraqi Airways colours it only carries 'Iraq' titles on the fuselage. This is written in Koufai script on the port side and English on the starboard side. The Iraqi Airways logo is carried on the tail but without titles.


The aircraft was ferried to Tozeur, Tunisia on January 01, 1991 for protective storage prior to the commencement of hostilities in the Gulf War. The aircraft remains stored at Tozeur to this day although it has been well maintained. Every six months since its arrival at Tozeur Iraqi mechanics have travelled there to carry out routine maintenance.


It was observed at Tozeur Airport in February 2001 in an all-white livery without titles and heavily protected by guards.


On November 14, 2010 the aircraft was advertised for sale by Iraqi Airways, having flown only 688 cycles. It is unlikely that despite the relative low cycles accumulated since its first flight it will ever return to service.



YI-ALM. Iraq - in the original livery at Amsterdam Airport, August 1986.

YI-ALM. Iraq - in the original livery at Amsterdam Airport, February 1987.

YI-ALM. Iraq - in the original livery at Paris Airport, July 1990.