HZ-HM1. Boeing 747SP-68. c/n 21652-329.


The order for this aircraft was announced on November 09, 1977. From the outset it was destined to be a V.I.P. aircraft operated by Saudi Arabian Airlines for the Saudi Royal Flight. Its main purpose was to be able to transport the Saudi King to America quickly for urgent medical treatment for his heart condition. It was the twentieth Boeing 747SP to be built but the first one powered by Rolls Royce engines. Rolled out of the Boeing plant at Everett on May 24, 1978 it was powered by Rolls Royce RB211-524C2 engines. It flew for the first time on August 28, 1978 as N1708B.


An extensive fit-out was then carried out to furnish the aircraft's cabin with luxurious fittings for King Khaled. It included a complete medical centre and sophisticated communications equipment that would enable the King's medical staff to communicate with doctors in Cleveland, Ohio in real time. The aircraft was accepted by Saudi Arabian Airlines at Paine Field on July 11, 1979 and entered onto the Saudi Arabian Aircraft Register as HZ-HM1. This registration was changed to HZ-HM1B on September 30, 1984 following the delivery of a new B-747-300 to the Saudi Royal Flight.


The aircraft was observed at Boeing Field in a new livery on January 01, 1997. Over the years this aircraft has been progressively upgraded for use by the Saudi Royal Family. It remains one of the few Rolls Royce powered 747SP built that is still flying today.



HZ-HM1. Saudia - in the original livery at an unknown airport, June 1981.

HZ-HM1B. Saudia - in the original livery at Hamburg Airport, August 1993.

HZ-HM1B. Saudi Arabian - in the new livery at an unknown airport, July 1998.

HZ-HM1B. Saudi Arabian - in the new livery at Nice Airport, January 1999.